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Wednesday, April 01, 2009Me! In words

Now Brittos came to us highly recommended. It was on Baga beach... and when I say on the beach, I mean slam on the beach. You have beach sand running through your toes. And on really calm nights, they actually serve you your meal quite close to the waves.

The place is dimly lit. There is a raised rafter platform on which are also set some tables. Everything has a wooden feeling to it. The place was crowded even for off season and non weekend time. 

Though the place was recommended, we winged it when it came to selecting something from the
 menu. We started of with a round of beers and to go with that - a prawn cocktail, fish fingers and some french fries. The fish fingers literally looked like fingers, were crispy, coated with rava and fried just right. The french fries were not what you would normally expect - these were freshly cut potatoes and not the processed ones and as far as our family goes, it is an acquired taste.

The waiter then suddenly brought the beautiful wine glass filled to the brim with something white and was about to set it down when we tried telling him that we were at starters and not desserts. And he turns around and says, no madam, this is your prawn cocktail.  

And so it came to be that we had the most wonderful prawn cocktail. The prawns were cooked and then immersed in a glass full of mayonnaise that had a twist of lime and ginger. Thin slivers of sliced pickled sliced onions made for quite an interesting base. 

For the main course, we opted to have a prawn caldin curry with white rice - Caldin being an exquisite gravy made of coconut juice. The prawns were decent in size. Anoushka had a chicken xacuti gravy with rice. This was just the right amount of pungent and tangy and was a meal she relished. I am a fanatic of Goan pork sausages. I ordered, spicy fried goan pork sausages with sannas. The sannas were a disappointment considering they were rubber hard. And so I demolished the scrumptiously delicious sausages with a round of garlic roti. The sausages were fried crisp in their own juices and the fat amount was just right.

Such a meal should have a dessert that complements it totally and we ordered well for ourselves. I had the strawberry cheesecake, while sudhakar opted for the chocolate fudge brownie. There was also the usual round of bebinca and caramel custard. 

All of this with drinks included came to 1500 bucks, which for 4 adults passes as good in my books. So next time you are in Goa, this place should be on your agenda, I know it will be on mine. 

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