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A roundup of my Singapore stint

Monday, April 06, 2009Me! In words

I was fortunate enough to travel to Singapore on work. We were four colleagues who made the trip. While 2 of them were the least experimentative when it came to food, us two girls were quite sportive when it came to trying out stuff. Day two we went to Chjimes, which has a truckload of restaurants, bars and discos in an old church complex. I forget the name of the place we went to, but the food there, a mix of continental and Singaporean was good. I ordered a Pasta Bolognaise which, for a change was, was not dunked in red sauce and meat. Rather it was more on the dry side, with the flavours of basil, garlic, tomato and cheese perfectly fused together. Once the plate was clean, you would not have slivers of tomato sauce glistening on the plate, rather your plate would be squeaky clean.

Another day we went to Clarke Quay, which is choc-a-bloc with great looking restaurants overlooking the backwaters. Again, my feeble memory plays truant and I don't remember the name of this restaurant. But what I do know that this is the last restaurant in the line, after which is the ticket counters for a boat ride on the backwaters. The decor is all in red and white and this is the last in a series of purely sea food restaurants. We had a round of drinks, following which we had a huge starter of prawns in the shell. This was coated with crispy oats (yeah I thought the combination was thoroughly wierd) which had been marinated in a great mix of spices. The prawns had been deep fried with this coating and the result was heavenly. Before we were served the prawns, we were given a cold finger bowl with yellow water and a wedge of lime. The prawns were served with a tomato/chilli/peanut chutney which was the perfect accompaniment.

 Prawns in the shell in the background and the cold water finger bowl in front

Finally mastered the art of eating with chopsticks

As the main course we ordered the grouper, which was a huge fish (the picture actually does not do justice to it) This was well marinated in a tangy sauce and roasted to perfection. It was served with a green salad on the side and bowls of fried rice. The food was excellent and was washed down with the right liquid help.

The grouper in all its majesty

I am a huge fan of sushi and so is my friend Dianne. She lives in Singapore and on the last day there, she treated me to a sushi meal at this place called Sushi Tei. We had spent the entire day roaming around and came just in time catch the last order at 10 pm. The place had a bar table kind of seating. A travelator is constantly making the rounds with several dishes, sushis and otherwise on offer. There were three shades of plates and the cost depended on the colour of the plate you chose. Of the a la carte menu we picked up a round of mixed dimsums and a mixed platter of sushi. Needless to say, I was in sushi heaven. The accompanying wasabi was excellent and as usual there was one bite where I overdid the wasabi and felt like a sledgehammer was playing hockey with my head.

Me at the travelator at Sushi Tei

Our mixed platters of dimsum and sushi

Though I am not an expert at sushi... let me try and name some of what you see on this plate. Beginning at the bottom corner, no clue what the white fish was, to the left of that is the salmon wrap, two other varieties of fish wraps, a deep fried prawn in the shell, to the right is a smoked salmon wrap, followed by a sear fish wrap, an obvious prawn wrap, the six small rolls with the red coloured covering is rice on the inside, wrapped in sea weed, followed with a coating of fish roe. The next two wraps to the left of that are egg wraps followed by two seaweed and tuna rolls.

For dessert, Dianne told me to save space and that she was going to take me to the most amazing place. And amazing it was. We went to Out of the Pan. This place's specialty is its waffles, both the spicy and the sweet version. I had the strawberry waffles, just the smell of which can have you drooling like a hungry wolf (irrespective of the big meal you may have had earlier. It was on this sweet note that I ended my short stint in Singapore. I have been assured that there are more to come. We will see. Till then... feast on this image.

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