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Dimsum and sushi brunch at the ZEN Leela - for FREE!! :)

Saturday, May 30, 2009Me! In words

When I was with the paper, one the perks of the job were getting a load of invites to various places to sample the services complimentary. Now that I am no longer with the paper, of course I don't get the freebies... But I have friends who do, and thanks to Bhavya, (our host in the background of the sparkling wine) we got to sink our teeth into some great sushi and dimsum at the Leela Kempinski, along with unlimited sparkling wine.

The meal started off with two varieties of soups and four Japanese salads. The soups were sweet corn soup in chicken and vegetarian (above) and the Miso soup, a variety of hot and sour soup (below).

Miso Soup

Sweet corn soup (chicken)

Along with the soups we had four varieties of Japanese salads to sample. The aubergine salad, the spicy chicken salad (shreds of chicken thigh with some really spicy Thai herbs), the pomelo salad, hailed as the Chinese grapefruit and veg crackers which were crispy fried wontons that had been tossed about in sweet chilli sauce.

Among the dimsums (above and below) which came next, we had an assortment of Hakkau (prawn and bamboo shoot dumplings), Xiao Mai (prawn, chicken and mushroom dumplings, Hai Sen Jiao (seafood dimsum), Ji Jiao (Chicken dimsum), Ji Jian Jiao (pan fried chicken gyoza), Qia Xiao Bao (barbeque pork bun)

Also on the dimsum list (above) Shu Cai Bao (vegetable steam bun), Shu Chi Jain Jiao (Pan fried mixed vegetable gyoza), Jia chai Jiao (veg steam dumpling) and Loo Bo Guao (pan fried radish mushroom cake)

Despite the fact that we had gorged ourselves silly on the dimsums, which were accompanied by a wasabi, pickled ginger and an assortment of oriental pickles, we had ample space for the sushi that followed. The menu consisted of Spicy Salmon Roll with a filling of grilled salmon, cream cheese and cucumber. The California Roll which had avocado, octopus and was coated with flying fish roe. The Mongo Ika Makimono (cuttle fish roll), the Crunchy Roll filled with crispy prawn tempura with tenkatsu, The Avocado Makimono or Roll. Pickled gherkins makimono or a pickle cucumber roll, the Kanpyo Makimono or pickle pumpkin roll and the Taquan Makimono or the pickle radish roll.

All of this sushi and dimsum and wine later, we were informed that there was also a dessert counter. What you see in the image is just one part of a 4 sided, layered set up... and believe me when I say we had to loosen our belts to fit this in. Though I did'nt get all the names of what we sampled, I do remember a heavenly green tea based souffle, a very bitter chocolate pudding and a hmmm.. not about much else... and this was not because they weren't good, but because I did not look at them. Am not masochistic and did not want to regret not leaving space for the desserts.

For those who wanted to know what this cost. Its Rs 1350 a head plus taxes. The limitless wine is included in this price. The setting is heavenly, it is after all the Leela.

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