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Egg Factory - great place to get together

Thursday, June 18, 2009Me! In words

Kinna was leaving to the States to finally be with Neerav. So we decided to meet up with the handful of Manipal classmates in Bangalore. Its a different story that in the end it was only us, Kinna and Swaroop. We have been to the Egg Factory before and thoroughly enjoyed it. The others had heard of it and always wanted to try it... so it made the perfect place to catch up.

In true tribute to our Manipal days, we just decided to order dishes, place it in the centre and attack... This time round while Swaroop and Kinna opted for the Pink Lady, Sudhakar and I went in for the Morning Burst which was bananas,, orange juice, yoghurt and milk. Yummy!!!

We started of with the scrambled eggs with spinach - our health dose for the evening. The eggs were creamy and the spinach soft and well mixed enough for us to ignore...

Next came the omelette with green chillies - quite the spice fest but then we knew what we were asking for... Anoushka partied on the garlic bread that came with each dish

Next came the Eggs and Mushroom Ragout Penne, which as a review I recently read mentioned was absolutely scrumptious. The eggs were creamy and the cheese sauce was just right.

For Anoushka we decided to go for rice option and therefore took the steam rice with egg sambal, which came with an omelette dunked in a very desi tomato based sauce, finished off with spring onions. This time round we did not opt for desserts.

The entire meal came to 200 bucks a head which was really reasonable... A definite revisit is on the cards

Address: Ground Floor, White House, St Mark's Road, Bangalore
Phone: 42110041
Cuisine: Everything egg based
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Nothing exclusive but not too difficult

Another review is also available

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