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Khazana - a haven of good taste

Wednesday, June 24, 2009Me! In words

We have been married for 5 and half years now and Khazana is a restaurant Sudhakar discovered around 4 years ago. If you are familiar with the whereabouts of Siddiqui in Johnson Market, then this place is not too difficult to find. Keep Siddiqui to your left, come up the road. When you see the huge meat stall, continue straight on into the narrow road beside it and take left. Khazana is a small restaurant on the left.

The place is more of a bachelor hangout that it is a family joint. So the best for people like us, especially after Anoushka was born was to bring in parcels from here. Khazana's menu carries its belief in bold letters - "God has given us food to eat. The least we can do is make it tasty." The restaurant is famous for its beef biryani and veal kebabs. And needless to say that is what we ordered from here. We also threw in a chicken kebab for good measure.

A plate of veal kebabs come to you piping hot. The meat is cut into small bite sized bits. The marination of the meat is done in red chilli powder, curd and I am sure a mix of the chef's secret ingredients. The result is a tender juliennes of meat, which are soft in texture and great in taste. They also will make a great accompaniment to a chilled beer. The veal kebabs come at approximately 25 bucks a plate and each plate is just right for one person.

Next on the menu is the beef biryani. I have always vouched that it is the Muslims who know how to make a biryani. I am yet to come across a Muslim home where the biryani will not have you pining for days. Same goes with Khazana. Well for one, each plate of this delectable meal comes loaded with meat and so you never have the problem of digging out and rationing the meat pieces to last your entire meal. While beef has a tendency to be rubbery, Khazana seems to have perfected the art of making it as soft as mutton can get. One round of this biryani and I am sure you will be back for more. A plate of biryani costs 46 bucks.

Another thing I like about the biryanis served at Khazana is the sherwa or the meat gravy that comes with it. While most restaurants simply serve you the gravy of the meat cooked, Khazana serves you a unique tomato based gravy which is mildly spiced but makes an excellent combo.

The chicken kebab seems to have a simpler marination of curd and chilli and is dusted of with rava and cornflour before it is deep fried. This makes for a good side dish, but if you also have the veal kebab, then your loyalties may not really be affected.

We ordered for three adults and an infant - 3 plates of beef biryani and veal kebabs and a plate of chicken kebabs. The bill came a wee bit shy of 250 bucks. Excellent when you think that the quantities serve two entre ==

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