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Olive Beach Gourmet Bazaar

Monday, June 29, 2009Me! In words

I have a confession to make. While Sudhakar and I love to eat food, newer the better, you can't really say that we are all that familiar with gourmet food. And by gourmet I mean all those exotic ingredients and dishes whose names itself can send you in a tizzy. While we are familiarising ourselves with all of it... we are quite far from being called knowledgeable on the subject.

In an effort to educate ourselves, I jumped at the chance to visit the gourmet bazaar at Olive beach this past Sunday. Now I may be wrong, But I was under the impression that bazaars are fairly big set-ups with a number of vendors. What we went in to see was set up in one of the corridors of the restaurant. It had all of three tables which divided it into three sections - the chocolates, the breads, the smoked meats and cheese. The breads and the chocolates were separated by a small table with the ready-to-eat dips and olives.

Toasted Almond Choco Slab

Chocolate Walnut Brownie

An assortment of dips - Hummus, Roasted Tomato Pesto, Mayonnaise

Artisan Muesli

The spread did look trifle small and I presume that the emphasis was on quality and not quantity. We picked up for ourselves, a Ham Pissaldiere and a Veg Dinner Brioche. For those of whom these names may sound Latin and Greek - they were both on thin and soft pizza bases - one was with ham sausages and the other a wonderful combination of healthy vegetables as a topping. While a bill of Rs 230 for two items was a bit steep, I must add that they both tasted heavenly.

Breads - French Baguette, multi-grain Boule, Olive Oil Boule, Greek Bread

The assortment of cheese

Ham Pissaldiere, Petite French Rolls, Rosemary and seasalt foccacio

Pavan and Preethika who were with us also indulged in some cheese, some petite french roles and some toasted almond choco slab. I thought it impolite to ask for how much that cost them. Among the meats on display was the smoked blackforest among two other, which can be decieving to the unintiated. Overall, I can't really say that my knowledge has been added to, but it was an experience in knowing how to shop for gourmet foods.

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