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64 - Hooked!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009Me! In words

64 is a relatively new place opened up in Koramangala. For those of you who know where Jukebox is, well 64 is well on the way to beating the bejesus out of them; and is placed diagonally opposite. The place is a collaboration between three Mangaloreans (just can't seem to take the restaurant business out of our blood can you?). The menu has been designed by the head chef of Ista and man! is it a fantastic menu.

Their menu is a small and well rounded one - 2 pages of soup and appetisers to go with a great bar menu. And one page of entrees all of which come with a choice of grilled vegetables, herb rice, baked jacket potatoes or mashed potatoes. Since Sudhakar and Bourbon Street were playing and Anoushka was being entertained by a good friend of mine, I decided to knock back a Cosmopolitan, a vodka based drink. Recently read about how this drink was made popular by the girls of Sex and City (though it was not created for the show) and so decided to see if this drink could do anything worthwhile for me. The drink packed quite a punch and had cranberry juice to thank for its pretty pink colour.

The Cosmopolitan

For the main course, my friend went in for the Pasta a la fungi or a Pasta in mushroom sauce. While the pasta was soft and the mushroom sauce creamy, there is a tendency for one to get bored with the taste (no matter how good it is and this was). I decided to go for the Slow braised chicken legs with tangy tomato and olive sauce. This was accompanied by herb rice and grilled vegetables. And I must tell you that this is the first time I have literally licked a plate clean in a restaurant. The olive and tomato sauce was heavenly moreso since I love tangy food. The chicken legs were soft enough not to have you struggle with your fork and knife clumsily and the herb rice was the real deal - a hint of oregano, a touch of basil and oodles of taste.

Pasta in mushroom sauce

Slow braised chicken legs with tangy tomato and olive sauce

Once the show was done, Sudhakar had a chicken steak dish with mashed potatoes (sorry didnt get the whole name of the menu) which he declared was simply fabulous. Another band member ordered a lamb dish which, one of the restaurant partners urged us to try before he came to the table. Poor fellow ended up ordering another dish.

The Chicken steak dish

The lamb dish

I am definitely going back, most probably on the coming weekend to check the menu out again. A drink, starter and main course should have you put approximately Rs 750 in the restaurants' till. The loos are clean with the men's loo being downstairs and women's on the first floor ( a tad inconvenient). The ambience and the decor are great and the service prompt. It also showcases art work for those who might be interested.

Address: 1st Main, 7th block, Block, Koramangala, Bangalore - 95
Phone: 9241734704
Cuisine: Continental
Wallet factor: Rs 1100 for two excluding alcohol
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Valet parking

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