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Thursday, July 16, 2009Me! In words

I have always loved eating out, watching serials based on cooking, reading magazine reviews. It was my bad that I decide to go online with it a little too late in the day. But better late than never. I was really happy to chance upon Bangalore Food Lovers which comes from the stable of Taste and Travel. A magazine based entirely on food, brought out once in two months and how.

Under the really trained eye of publisher and Managing Editor Kripal Ammana, the magazine will have your taste buds in a water frenzy right from the cover page. The overwhelming importance given to food photography is seen in the fact that the every story makes you truly wish you were at that table with the writer.

The magazine covers restaurants, some new, some old and some after a revamp. The coverage is done in a unique way where the writer visits the place repeatedly for lunch or dinner in order to get a genuine feel of the place and sample a wider range of the menu. The restaurant reviews give you a fair idea of the decor, the ease of parking facilities, the various offerings on the menu, the pricing and even suggestions on what you can put together. Simple elements such as the boxes which tell you what kind of a foodie you need to be to visit the place in question.

Another column I truly enjoy in this magazine is the "Inside Story", where prominent couples and foodies are invited to create a authentic spread and educate the audience on the intricacies of local cuisine. Besides the great photospread and article that goes with it, the recipes of all dishes presented are an added bonus. Of course there are guest columns by famous chefs, columns that detail the great food places of particular areas in Bangalore, interviews and recipes by famous chefs and a regular column on Wine by Alok Chandra.

The magazine is the only one of its kind that is brought out in India. I do wish it had a review or two of restaurants that serve in Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 with alcohol range. If the editor of the magazine ever reads this I would like to offer my services for the column :).

Suffice to say, if you love food, you have got to have Food Lovers with you. You can catch them on Facebook as well.

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