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A Taste of Tibet on my plate

Wednesday, July 01, 2009Me! In words

Mom was down for a week and somehow it was an overdose of biryanis and pulaos and Indian food of all kinds. I had a patch of rough weather with my insides and was just on the trail to recovery. So Sudax and I decided to go in for a new cuisine that would be relatively lighter on the tummy. The day's papers had featured a roundup of the best places in town to have some momos and that's when we decided to have a completely Tibetan meal.

Taste of Tibet is in Langford town, in the complex opposite Divyashree chambers. The building also hosts the joint Something Fishy. Its a small place, which looks to be a family affair of sorts. Unpretentious steel chairs and tables most of which carry an advertisement for Coca Cola.

It is air-conditioned, but thanks to incessent power cuts, there was none to be had that day. We settled down and as always, the first place I needed to check out for junior's sake was the loo. Its the box in the wall, outside the restaurant which was plunged into pitch darkness thanks to the lack of electricity. Am so grateful junior did not have to go lest some monster jumped out at us.

Grossness apart, lets get to the food. The menu is simple and the first two pages are loaded with Tibetan food in chicken, beef and a good measure of veg for those that swing that way. And of course to please the less adventurous, the usual rounds of soups, noodles, rices and side dishes are there to satisfy hunger pangs.

We were dying to have momos and ordered a round of beef steamed momos and Chicken Shabbaklay which were chicken fried momos, but very different from what we are used to. There were eight beef momos to a plate which came with the traditional chilli sauce and the tomato and diced green chilli salad. The momos were simply melt-in-the-mouth and were good enough for us to order the next round.

Steamed beef momos with chilli sauce and tomato & diced green chilli salad

Chicken Shabbaklay

The Chicken Shabbaklay were beautifully round shaped with floral edges. These had an onion and shredded chicken stuffing, though I personally felt that the onion quantity significantly overtook the chicken.

Shaptra with Chicken Tingmo

For the main course we decided to go in for something we have not tried - the Shaptra with Chicken Tingmo. Shaptra is a Tibetan bread with a dough-like consistency. This comes along with a spicy diced chicken gravy which also has a generous helping of steamed vegetables in it. It is a complete meal by itself. The bread is more a Tibetan version of our own ragi mudde, but much easier to eat. This entire meal was a steal at Rs 350 with two soft drinks. A nice change from the overdose of masalas that we had been through.

Address: Next St Joseph's College, Richmond Town, Bangalore
Cuisine: Tibetan
Cards Accepted: No
Parking: Can be a problem

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