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Aromas of China - weekend lunch buffet

Tuesday, August 25, 2009Me! In words

Aromas of China is part of the BJN Group and is a nice place. No doubts there. Considering the number of times we have frequented the outlet in Eva Mall, the staff are quite familiar with our little brat. In fact she gets a fortune cookie as soon as she gets there and is even taken to an adjoining restaurant to see the fish tank!!!

This time round we decided to go for the lunch buffet as against the a la carte that we normally do. We chose to sit in the semi-outdoors on the sprawling sofas. Soups and starters were served at our table courtesy the mini celebrity Anoushka. Mother and daughter also got a complimentary lemon soda!!! Some nice pampering there.

Lemon soda and heavenly jasmine tea. Had multiple rounds of it

Soup of the day was chicken clear soup. Looked lovely with strips of boiled chicken and fresh vegetables, tasted characteristically bland. Of course, to satiate our Indian taste buds, the table was laid with all the necessary spice inducing condiments.

Dimsums, Sui Mai and chicken clear soup. On top is an interesting
sauce made of spinach and oil

Chicken dimsums and Sui Mai were being made at a live counter and this too was served to us. Starters also included a pleasant fish dish, chicken in plum sauce and drums of heaven. I personally felt that though the dimsums and sui mai were adequately filled, they were quite hard compared to the soft ones available is scores of other places.

The salad bar had a few options of which I totally flipped for the chicken in mustard. Strips of boiled chicken tempered with fiery mustard and a generous dose of chopped spring onions, proved that not all Chinese cuisine needs to Indianized for the spice loving palate.

Salad Bar - the chicken in mustard is the first bowl on the left

There was a wide range of main courses to choose from and vegetarians you have an ample spread to look forward to. Some of the courses on offer were prawn in hot garlic sauce, lamb in hot and sweet sauce, spicy chicken fried rice, butter garlic noodles, spring rolls, chicken in hot and spicy sauce and there was lots more, names of which I forget.

A mixed plate - prawns in hot garlic sauce, chicken spring rolls, butter
garlic veg noodles and chicken in mustard

The dessert counter was not lavish but it did the job. Chocolate souffle, mango souffle, date pancakes with lemon, mint and mango sauces on the side, hot darsaan, a choice of ice-creams, a choice of fruits and a chocolate fondue with marsh mallows and wafer biscuits.

The food was good, the ambience was nice. The price of Rs 325 a head on weekends and a little lesser on weekdays is also pocket friendly. The chopsticks are a bit trickey here since they are not rounded by squarish, take a bit of getting used to. The loos are clean but a sizable walk away from the restaurant. Overall, a nice meal.

Address: Eva Mall, Brigade road
Phone: 41113355
Cuisine: Chinese
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Mall Parking

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