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Breakfast in Bangalore: Egg Factory

Tuesday, August 18, 2009Me! In words

I have written about the Egg Factory twice already now, so I am not going to go into the details of how I love the place, and the workshop decor and the user manual menu. Suffice to say that we wanted a huge breakfast at a decent price and that was what we got.

Started Anoushka off on a plain omelette served with toast, butter and jam. She devoured the omelette and left the toast for me. I asked for an orange juice, which turned out to be a packaged one - Milkmaid's Pulpy Orange if I am not wrong. Not really what I wanted, but I had it anyways. Sudhakar started off with coffee. For him, coffee before, after, during and one for the road... all make sense.

Plain omelette with buttered toast and jam

Coffee and Orange Juice

Sudhakar had the French toast stuffed with cream cheese and blueberry preserve. The four sandwiches were huge and yummy. the cream cheese and blueberry preserve were a great combination on hot toast, which was at once, crispy and soft. But if you don't have much of a sweet tooth, you may get bored with this dish by the third sandwich.

French Toast with Cream Cheese and Blueberry preserve

I had the Southwestern frittata, which as I explained in an earlier post, is a three egg omelette topped with a variety of things. In my case, it was green and red pepper slices with a dash of cream cheese on top. Nice

Southwestern Frittata

Finally, I wanted to have something that was like the Frittata in Tomato sauce... you know the hot, saucy itch that you get once in a while. And therefore selected the frittata in cilantro chilli sauce. I was disappointed that this was not sauce based as the Frittata in Tomato Sauce mentioned just above it on the menu. A bit misleading there. The cilantro sauce was of course a chutney smeared on top of the green and red pepper filled Frittata.

Frittata with Cilantro Chilli Sauce

We took our own time eating. The Manipal specials did not interest us this time round since our previous two tries at them did not live up to the mark. The bill came to around Rs 400 for this breakfast, which is well worth it anytime.

Address: Ground Floor, White House, St Mark's Road, Bangalore
Phone: 42110041
Cuisine: Everything egg based
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Nothing exclusive but not too difficult

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