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The Ganesh Chaturthi Food special

Tuesday, August 25, 2009Me! In words

The one thing good about festivals is the food that we get to eat. In the case of Ganesh Chaturthi this year our neighbours seemed to go all out on the cooking. And since they had a hint that we were a bit lazy to go through all the trouble, they were more than generous with what they had made. Here is a look at what we feasted on.

Cotton soft, hot idlis, straight of the steamer, with coconut chutney.

Idlis and chutney

Spicy channa dal balls tempered with mustard, green chillis and curry leaves.

Channa dal balls and the stuffed rice pancakes

Rice pancakes shaped into bite sized pieces with two varieties of fillings - a jaggery one and a coconut and jaggery mix.

A sweet that is made of rice and jaggery paste and steamed

Rice and jaggery sweet

A tangy lemon rice seasoned with roasted peanuts, mustard, curry leaves and dry red chillies.

Lemon rice

Needless to say, wish we had a celebration each day.

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