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Herbs and Spice - Third time lucky

Sunday, August 09, 2009Me! In words

I have always liked Herbs and Spice. Granted they may not have been able to please with every dish, but then hey... you can't possibly like everything everytime. This time round I decided to concentrate more the desserts since I wasn't able to do it till now. But I also couldn't resist ordering a main course. So here is a pictorial review of the food that we had at Herbs and Spice along with Bourbon Street, starting with the desserts first for a change.

Lemon Meringue Pie - The pie crust was quite crispy... but the filling was absolute heaven. A warning for those who like lemony lemon pie... the filling had a distinct bitter lemon taste which went perfectly with the layer of crust and cream. Yummy

Walnut Meringue Pie - Now this one was a true delight. And its not like you think. The walnut, rather than being found whole, is all in the flavoring. A crispy walnut biscuit wafer that is stuffed senseless with heavenly walnut cream... An absolute deal clincher for those who love their desserts.

Hazelnut riccota with chocolate - now this is one dessert that has a melt-in-the-mouth hazelnut cake top of with a layer of chocolate icing and chocolate shavings. When you spoon the two together, the medley in your mouth is to die for.

Choco/mocha or a combination of these two words (not sure of the exact name) - A chocolate fudge cake that will send any chocoholic's pulse racing...

Now for the main courses - The beef tenderloin came with spiced potatoes and grilled veggies. Nice, with the beef in this particular dish being tender.

The Spaghetti with Beef Bolognaise was nice but nothing spectacular. The salad on the side with a mustard dressing was great.

The veg pizza was with tomatoes, olives, cheese and mushroom. The base was nice and crunchy and judging by how fast it was eaten, it was good.

Penne pasta with mushroom sauce.

Chicken Chassieur... A nice dish of rice and chicken in mushroom gravy.

Food has always been good at Herbs and Spice... but like everybody else, I agree that the desserts are THE best. Desserts hover around Rs 100 and more. Main courses are between Rs 275 and Rs 350.

Address: 80ft road, Above Planet M, Indiranagar, Bangalore
Phone: 25290399
Cuisine: Continental
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Security guards will help you

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