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Vicky's La Terrazza

Saturday, August 29, 2009Me! In words

Vicky's La Terrazza (which literally means on the terrace) is in Koramangala. Take the turn right before the Koramangala Police station where you see one of the perpetual cotton expos. Look to your left and you will see a building that hosts China Bowl and Vicky's La Terrazza. Both restaurants are owned by Vicky and Esther. While Vicky has been in the restaurant business for the past couple of generations, Esther has been by his side for the past 15 years. Be sure to try and chat with her, for she is a pleasure to talk to.

Decor wise, the place is done up nicely with a blue and white checked theme. Being on the terrace, the place is wonderfully ventilated and airy. We chose to sit at the seating with the walls as our backrests. Comfortable seating relaxes you as soon as you settle down.

The nice and airy decor

For starters we went in for the Cold chicken salad, which was julienes of chicken, sun dried tomatoes and pineapple over a bed of crisp greens, laced with balsamic vinegar. Safe to say that this was the first time, we polished off all the greens. Thanks to the sweet pineapple, the salad was a perfect mix of sweet, tangy and rich. We found that the best way to have the salad, was to put of bit of the chicken-pineapple mix into a leaf or two, roll it up and pop it into your mouth.

Cold Chicken Salad

We also went in for ice teas in kiwi, lychee and later peach, all of which came with the standard sugar solution mixed in. What made these ice-teas great was that they each had the pulp of their respective fruit at the bottom of the glass. Anoushka went in for her trademark garlic bread. Some reviews I read on the place said that this was sweet. While Sudhakar found it to be on the sweeter side, I did not.

Lychee Ice Tea to the left and Kiwi Ice tea to the right

Anoushka's staple diet at restaurants - garlic bread

For the main course, Sudhakar had a grilled beef steak caprese. This was a well done marinated steak with a balsamic glaze which was served over pasta and molten mozzarella. The steak tasted wonderful despite the trademark rubberiness of beef. The pasta was tossed in butter with black olives and basil and was quite a treat. And our place in hell is assured thanks to the sinful molten mozzarella on the side.

Grilled beef steak caprese

I had the Penne Fiesolana pasta which came with bacon strips in a fiery tomato sauce flavoured with basil. A lot of continental places describe their tomato sauces as fiery, but never are they the fire-engine-bells-tolling kind of fiery. I have now come to realise that fiery means tangy in pasta-speak and that's fine by me. The bacon strips were generous in their presence and the black olives ensured that I polished off the dish in record time. This is one of those sauces that will not have you bored with your dish mid-way.

Penne Fiesolana

We hardly had place for dessert, despite which we squeezed one in - the Mississippi Mud pie which came with the classic biscuit base, chocolate truffle and ice-cream in a shower of nuts. There was no shower there, but the dessert was the dream-of-it-all-night types.

Take a good, long look at the Mississippi Mud Pie

Service here was unobtrusive and prompt. We did not have to wait long between courses. Not sure how it is on a full house day. We were the only ones till mid way through our main course with only the third table full when we left. The food is great if you like continental. The loo is unisex and clean. You will find hints of Feng Shui all over the place. The meal including VAT came up to Rs 1100. Fair deal I say!!. I am now very curious about China Bowl below. Esther assured us that their cooks have some unique dishes on the menu. As we left the place, it sure looked nice and packed.

Address: No 99, 2nd floor, 5th cross, 6th block, Koramangala, Bangalore - 95
Phone: 41751635/36
Cuisine: Continental
Wallet factor: Rs 1200 for two excluding alcohol
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: can be a bit of a problem

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