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Ammi's biryani - innovation at its best

Tuesday, September 22, 2009Me! In words

When Ammi's biryani was first launched, it went on a media blitz. You could see the yellow and green colours anywhere and everywhere. I always wondered what it would be like... but then seeing that the outlet was based in Koramangala (at least initially), I assumed that only people there would be the privileged lot for this takeaway service. So I was absolutely delighted when I found a delivery boy at a neighbour's house here in Jayanagar delivering goodies. I promptly a snagged a menu and resolved to call them the next time a biryani itch took over. Which it did pretty soon.

The taking of the order was cordial and we were informed that Ammi's biryani had recently started making their biryanis in basmati. Good, we seemed to have ordered at a good time. When the delivery came, I was quite amazed to see something like a pizza delivery box in my hands...

Pizza box style packaging on my shiny but ancient gas stove

We had ordered for two mutton biryanis and a chicken kebab. Each box was neatly compartmentalized - a sealed tin foil box of piping hot biryani, sealed raita, tomato salan, meetha and very thoughtfully an empty container for the bones. Each one of these was labelled and there even was a plastic spoon and paper napkin. This packaging seems to be the answer to hearty TV dinners and makes for excellent office lunches when you want to binge. The biryanis are yummmmmy and the tomato salan just the way a Hyderabadi muslim family friend (my yardstick for a good salan) makes.

The mutton biryani box

The chicken kebabs were soft and juicy. The quantity of the biryanis is really generous and even a biryani freak like me could not handle the entire thing in one sitting. The meetha was a rice kheer and was nothing exceptional, but nicely rounded off the meal.

Chicken Kebabs

We loved the meal so much that we promptly ordered again the next day, this time ordering a chicken biryani and mutton kebab. Again the chicken biryani was good, I still stand by biryanis have to made of mutton alone. The mutton kebab was small in terms of quantity and semi-gravy, again nothing spectacular.

Mutton Kebab

This time round, the menu announced that they were introducing Ammi's Khaana, these were basically khushka (fragrant ghee rice) combos in mutton, chicken, kofta and paneer, with sheermal bread and a sweet. What do I say - I couldn't resist and so on the following weekend, we ordered one each of Ammi's meals in chicken, mutton and Kufta Cutt (as they call it).

Each meal is neatly labelled so you can't be blamed for eating someone else's

The chicken and mutton were of the same gravy... tomato based and nice. The chicken though tasted better in the gravy than the mutton. The kofta curry was made of horse gram extract and came with a full boiled egg. The sheermal bread look distinctly like a croissant, but went well with the gravies. The khushka was a delight, soft, fragrant with just the right amount of ghee.

The Murgh Khaana box complete with mouth freshner, spoon and paper napkin

A better look at the Mutton Khaana Box

Ammi's biryanis come in Mutton (Rs 110), Chicken (Rs 95), Subzi and Anda (Rs 75).
Khaanas - Kufta cutt (Rs 115), Paneer cutt (Rs 90), Chicken (Rs 95) and Mutton (Rs 110)
Kebabs - chicken with bone (Rs 60), boneless (Rs 60) and mutton (Rs 70 - its boneless)

You can also order family packs of biryani with prices ranging Between Rs 200-Rs 300.

Call Ammi's at 25717777
or even order online: (I will be using this facility the next time, but do let me know how it goes if you do so first)

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