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Hao Hao - the only name in chinese food in Mangalore

Thursday, September 17, 2009Me! In words

Hao Hao has been around for ages. Need good old chopsuey and hot and sour anything, Hao Hao is the place to head. Their menu has remained consistent throughout my school, college, post-grad, marriage and occasional visits back home. No addition, no subtractions. And the same has remained with their quantity and quality.

This time round, I got to order-in from there only once. Delivery wasn't around till around a year ago and so now I take full advantage of it everytime I go home. Too bad Sudhakar wasn't with me otherwise our order would have been much more varied.

We had the Dsouza family staples - Mixed fried rice, Mixed fried noodles, sweet and sour pork and a pork roast. I normally order the chicken in hunan sauce or the manchurian since it is very spicy. But my parents don't really like to deviate.

Roast pork

Sweet and sour pork

Mixed fried rice

Mixed fried noodles

One thing great about Hao Hao is the quantity. Each of the items you order can serve three people with a healthy appetite or four for those with a weaker one. In my house, there are often leftovers. The food is delivered to you piping hot, with all the accompaniments. The best part is the bill. All of Rs 225 for the four dishes.

Now for the restaurant since I know it so well. It is in Balmatta. If you are approaching from St Agnes or from up Vas Lane, take the right at the junction. You will see the restaurant on your left, right where Knight Rider, the pub was. It has an upper floor and is always packed with the student crowd. The prices make it an ideal place for a birthday treat. The loos are unisex and decent.

Hao Hao also has a slightly upmarket branch on exactly the same location on the opposite side. Called Hao Ming, this place has tastefully done Chinese decor, complete with a small fountain with turtles at the entrance and large fish tanks separating the seating arrangement. If you are a fan of pork, then you must try the pork in black pepper gravy here. It is simply divine.

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