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The Iftar Raid!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009Sudhakar

Ruth's notebook screen was damaged sometime back and I decided to buy one from SP Road rather than from HP ( there is a story behind that which I'd love to say, but I'll save that for my grandchildren)!! I had to take the route through the Kalasipalayam market to get to a car park meant for that area. I happen to pass the mosque under the flyover and it was about the time when iftaar was happening and people were coming out of the mosques. Two things immediately caught my eyes were the grand decorations and the clothes and... across the road the iftaar stalls that were set up!!! The only thing that stopped me from dragging my salivating tongue across the road was the traffic around me. A decision was made! I WILL RAID THIS PLACE BEFORE EID!!!

Everyday for a few days after that I went to bed with all that food and smell haunting me. Ruth left for Mangalore on the 2nd. My partner in "grime" was gone...holidaying!! Sigh!

I took matters into my hands. Gathered a group of hungry...er...people!
  • Mohammad Mazhar Pasha- Lawyer by qualification, graphic designer by passion and profession. This father of 2- one his own and one self proclaimed- knows THE best places for muslim food. All that matters to him is the quality of food. Star rating can go fly kite. He was fasting that day for Ramzaan and was hungry!!!
  • Nabeela "Squirt" Sheikh- This nano sized marvel is often taken for granted. Mazhar's self proclaimed daughter can give any Fat Albert a run for his chicken provided she was fasting for ramzaan or they were serving chocolate. It was my lucky day!
  • Divya "blinnngg" Tulsiraman- er.....umm.....She came because it was enroute to her place.
We decided we'll start the raid at Paani Kam Chai on Mosque Road, Fraizer town. Mazhar went to place the order and take snaps while I was the getaway driver!! We started with some Kaadi Gosht which was basically chicken kabab on a stick fried with rava batter. It reminded me of the squid on stick I had at the goan food festival at Ista. IT WAS YUMM!!! (Case closed...move on...)

Kaadi Gosht

Then flowed...yes...not followed...the onion samosaas, fried chicken and shaahi tukdaa which was like a bread pudding.

Onion Samosaas

Fried Chicken

Shaahi Tukda

For my benefit I also parcelled a mutton roll, a portion of caramel pudding, fried chicken, samosaas and some kababs. We lost track of what else was ordered and who ate what and how much. I also had a lemon tea. The rose flavouring in the caramel pudding was very welcoming. The lemon tea the best I had, and I'm not even a tea drinker!!!

On the whole the deal cost us about Rs.600/- for four people. The pictures were taken on a 2 megapixel phone without flash. so are a little blurry. Watch out for the beggars who hang around there at that time. They are worse than the flies.

The Rolls tawa


Some halwa!!

PS. : Comming Soon- Shivajinagar Raid and Kalasipalayam Raid!!!!

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