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Wednesday, September 30, 2009Me! In words

Yes!! I have been to Isys in Jayanagar for the third time now, but each time the food experience has been different and what better way to showcase a restaurant. We actually walked into Isys that day to sample their a la carte menu, but the buffet spread looked interesting. We were told we could upgrade the buffet to include drinks and extra starters, which we did.

There were two soups - a vegetarian one and a non-vegetarian one. We went in for the chicken hot and sour. And it lived up to the name - it was hot (both piping and spicy) and sour, thanks to the generous use of lime. For drinks Sudhakar decided to try out the Indus Pride beer - which he described as light and nice. And which I thought was soap water and bland. I had a Kiwi based mocktail with orange juice and something that added a fizz. A nice concoction for a one-time try only. Doubt I would have it the second time round.

The soup counter

Indus pride beer to the left, the Kiwi mocktail to the right and
a complimentary glass of appy fizz for junior

Starters were brought to our table and there 4 each of vegetarian and non-vegetarian. So there was the paneer tikka, gobi manchurian, gobi tikka with sesame seeds and a crispy fried mixed veg. For the non-veg, there was fish, 2 types of a chicken kebabs and a mutton something. All the starters were pleasant, without being spectacular or anything to remember them by. The portions for were pretty large and we actually ended up saying no to some simply because we wanted to get to the main courses as well.

The chicken hot and sour soup

Our plate with starters from the buffet.
This is before the extra starters came on

After the soups was an extensive health salad bar (similar to the one at the breakfast buffets). Sprouts, greens and freshly cut salad veggies comprised the lot. Next came another round of salads of various kinds that had several additional dressing placed alongside it for you to personalise the whole affair. These were all vegetarian options and also included a curd rice and plain yoghurt with a basket of crisps.

The health salad counter

The salad counter with assorted dressings

The main course options had around 3 varieties of veggies that would go with the assorted rotis that is sent to the table. There were a couple more dishes that I did not really look into as my tummy was too full. There was also plain rice with rasam and sambhar. A chicken dum biryani which was nice and a lamb casserole. The casserole though was disappointment. Or it could have been a labelling mistake. Mutton rogan josh would have been a better idea - the meat was on the bone, it was a gravy and was certainly not baked with white sauce or vegetables.

Now for the dessert counter - which was quite extensive - there was gulab jamuns dusted with shavings of coconut, bread and butter pudding which was steaming and nice but which spoilt it for me when I found tootie-frootie bits in it, a beetroot pastry which was really nice and interesting. There was also phirni (but sadly no bowls around to spoon it into and I didn't want to fight with it floating all over my plate). A honey cream cake was also sinful and nice. As was a miniature chocolate fondue with chocolate and vanilla cakes.

The dessert table

A better look at the dessert counter

A loaded dessert plate

The buffet was a nice spread. Just like the breakfast buffet, its great for Jayanagar and for the costs involved. This upgraded buffet cost us approximately Rs 400 a head. I wouldn't term it as one that will get me drooling at the very thought. But it will be a place I will visit when I want eat well at a good price. I took a look at the a la carte menu which serves continental, Thai and Indian. The sections are neatly segregated and the choice seems to be the best of each cuisine. I will definitely go there to try out this version of their culinary offerings.

Address: The President Hotel, #79/8, Diagonal Road, 3rd block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Phone: 41808777
Cuisine: Continental, Thai and Indian
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Exclusive with valet services

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