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Monday, November 30, 2009Me! In words

My band Bourbon Street had an interview with Radio Indigo and it had to be held bang at lunch time as some of all of us were working and had to rush back to office after that. The station is in Koramangala. After the interview we were standing outside the studio and the onus fell on me to decide the place to have lunch. The first few places that came in my mind were 64 and Jukebox. Would have tempted me head back to office "happy" (Sigh!). I decided to go to Friends. Now this is one of the oldest steaks joints in Bangalore. I have eaten here about 5-6 times over the 9 years that I've been here. The consistency in the quality and quantity has been amazingly the same. This place has some of the best steaks you can find. I was joined by Jerome, Chester and Bharath. Bharath had already eaten so he decided to pass. We went straight for the main course as we had to head back to office. I ordered a Garlic Steak. Chester went for a Swiss steak and Jerome decided to leave his fate in the hands of the Chef and went for the Chef's Special steak.

Swiss Steak

Chef's Special Steak

Garlic Steak
Now these guys are around making steaks, pastas and stuff like that for more than a decade now and going strong for a reason. It was good. No arguments there. The steaks are mostly well done. The meal cost us about Rs.150/- a head. I don't think there is a loo here. So you might have to put your "call" on hold while you are there.

Address: 354, 1st Main Road, 7th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
Phone: 25712018, 28913901
Cuisine: Fast food
Wallet factor: Rs 150/-. No alcohol here
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Nothing exclusive and can be a little tough

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