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Wednesday, November 18, 2009Me! In words

Last weekend was quite a disaster in terms of the restaurants we went to. Of course we know that with the good comes the bad as well. But two restaurants in a row that sucked... not too nice on a weekend. Anyways, this time round, things were much better. We decided to go low budget over the weekend and Sudhakar suggested we go to this place called Kohinoor on Brigade road. Almost all of his colleagues are regulars there and some frequent the place so often that their retirement jobs there are confirmed :)

Kohinoor is more of blink and miss kind of place. Its bang opposite KFC and that's about as much of directions as you will need. The place can seat around 30 to 40 people at a time. Typical old time style in terms of seating with fixed stone tables and benches. Tiled ceiling and partially red oxide walls give it that ancestral home feeling. Sudhakar led us to the "family room which had a swinging cowboy salon style door. The room was quite dingy with a fan that did not work but was clean. And honestly considering the crowd that comes here, there is absolutely no need for you to take the family to the "family room". For the small place that it is, its fans cut across the spectrum.

We ordered Sudhakar's office standard, Ceylon parathas with chilli chicken. The parathas were hot and soft. The chilli chicken was well spiced, loads of onions, capsicum, chilli and pepper. Despite the meat being on the bone, it was soft and had absorbed the masala really well.

Ceylon Parathas with sherwa

Chilli Chicken

The menu has a decent variety on bheja/brain based dishes as well as liver. Am not much of an innards person but Sudhakar goes all out. I guess they don't serve these dishes on weekdays because he said that he asked for it all through the week and its wasn't there. But today, he ordered the bheja chilli fry to go with his meal. Excellently done was the verdict.

Bheja Chilli Fry

We were told that their biryanis were decent. We ordered a plate of mutton biryani which unlike other restaurants comes in one standard size. No fulls and halfs here. The biryani has been made in ghee since your fingers are squeaky clean once you use the fingerbowl. The number of meat pieces was generous. The biryani itself is light and does not have too much of masala in it. But it is fairly good one to wrap up the meal.

Mutton Biryani

Don't really remember seeing sweets on the menu, but am not sure. We wrapped up the meal with a coffee and a lemon tea. The coffee came with a spoon of instant coffee powder sitting daintily on the froth. Self confessed coffeeoholic that is my husband vouches for how wonderful the coffee is. The lemon tea was really sweet and it kind of killed the flavor.

Coffee to the left and lemon tea to the right

The highlight of this good and satisfying meal was the it came to all of Rs 251/-. All quantities are good for two. Staff is courteous and prompt. They do have a loo and it was under "repair" and so when junior had to go I had to run across the street into KFC and pretend to be a harried mother. If you are out on Brigade road, this is a good place to stop at for a cheap and satisfying lunch after you have emptied your wallets shopping. It also serves breakfast and should be a nice place for that as well.

Address: No. 213, Brigade Road, Bangalore - 01
Phone: 25587895
Cuisine: Indian, Kerala
Wallet factor: Rs 250 for two
Cards Accepted: Not sure, but at 250 bucks for two would you need a card?
Parking: Its Brigade Road, are you kidding me!! try Church Street and see if you get lucky

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