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Burger Nite!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009Me! In words

A long time ago in a far away distant mystical land called The Kitchen a strange man visited. He wasn’t familiar of the land’s customs and strange ways. Yet he wanted to blend in and make its citizens happy by preparing for them a burger. After a lot of research and failed attempts…to think of a recipe, he decided to take a trip to Spar Hypermarket. The trip cleared his head and his wallet, but now he had the burger in his head. Just a matter of time till it ended up in his stomach. But there was just one problem. As unfamiliar he was to the strange ways of The Kitchen, he was even stranger to the ways of working with meat. “Hey! I love them dead and well done.” He always said. So he seduced one of the wise ones of The Kitchen and married her. She showed him all the secrets of “preparing the chicken” for the burger. Apparently, the meat has to be boneless and has to be chopped fine. Almost shredded. After which it has to be boiled till it became chunky.

Chopped and Shredded Chicken

After it is boiled

Then add some chopped onions, garlic, oregano, chili powder, garam masala, and coriander powder and fry it in Extra Virgin Olive oil.

The Pre-mix

The mix

Mix it in some mayonnaise. This makes one part of the filling. In Spar, apart from buying his secret ingredients (??!!) mentioned above he also bought some salami. You can also use some luncheon meat if salami is not available. The buns (Tee! Hee! Cracks me up every time I say that word!) also were prepared in a special way. Heat some finely chopped garlic in butter and toast the sliced buns (har! har!) on it. Place the lettuce leaf on the bun (HAA! HAA!!) and place the mayo mixed filling on it. Place the salami/luncheon meat on top of that and an onion and a tomato slice on the top. Serve it with some really tasty potato smiley (will make the effort worth it!!)

Preparing the Buns (Tee! Hee!)

Ze Burger!!

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