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Cafe Thulp

Thursday, December 17, 2009Me! In words

And I finally made it here. Cafe Thulp has been recommended to me so often that I lost count. I wanted to go the place with a bigger group so that the review would be a well rounded. So when we decided to have a mini class reunion of the Manipal group, Cafe Thulp seemed to be the best place and everyone agreed. And so it came to be that seven of us and three children made our way there. Picto-review time - saves space and gets to the point faster.

A Sneakers shake with a chunk next to the glass for added blissfulness. Creamy, a bit nutty and absolutely yummy.

El Poco Loco - strips of crumb fried chicken, garlic bread, mashed potatoes and two amazing dips that I haven't totally been able to figure out as yet. The bowl to the left was a creamy spinach dip and the other a honey based vinaigrette topped off with some cardamom. Once all these elements came together, it was all quite yummy.

Pigs on the wing - A BBQ pork sandwich with coleslaw and herbed potatoes. Juicy and yummy and oh-so-difficult for one person to finish

Bella Gamba - Fresh tomato + basil +home cream garlic cheese = one loud burrrp after one great sandwich.

Moos your daddy. There were three versions of this that were brought to our table. One without the works, one with half the works and one with the works - bacon and all. And I am totally proud of my husband who had the one with the works and actually finished the whole thing. A friend Chandy too have ordered this and had it cut in half to share with his wife. Halfway through he forgets that his wife had the other half and started to poke fun at Swaroop and Sudhakar for hardly making it through theirs. A few minutes later however, the joke was on him

Boston Cooler - a float of cola and ice-cream. Swaroop seemed to totally enjoy though I am not one for floats.

Apple and cinnamon yogurt shake. Chunky apple and yogurt blended together with cinnamon dust sprinkled on top. Yummcious!!

Orange and mint yogurt shake. Weird combination of ingredients you may say, but they came together quite well.

Mushroom and potato soup. This was ordered for one of the juniors and turned out to be a disappointment. It was really bland, tasteless and absolutely watery.

Chicken wings with a mayo dip. Hot chicken with a cool dip, perfect combo on a cold night.

French fries with mayo. This set of fries came with the mayo and chilli flakes already mixed in. Thanks to the kids, three rounds of this was ordered.

The Zorba Greek sandwich. Grilled eggplant, tomato, spinach, lettuce, cheese. Who said the veggies eat boring stuff.

Banana and Praline yogurt shake. This yummy drink ensured that we ordered a round of all the yogurt shakes that were on offer

The service is pleasant and so is the seating. The bookshelf, I was really happy to see also had stuff for children, which kept my junior at bay. The loo is unisex and could do with some cleaning up. The wet basin syndrome seemed to persist here as well. The bill was a sizable amount considering what we ordered. We were so stuffed, that desserts were not ordered. It roughly works out to Rs 300 a head. A nice place for a 'filling' meal.

Address: #998, 1st Main, 1st Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
Phone: 40933344 / 9955
Cuisine: Burgers and sandwiches
Wallet factor: Rs 300 for two
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Nothing exclusive, weekends could be trouble

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