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Chung Wah Opus

Friday, December 11, 2009Me! In words

Our friend Shubhada dropped in unexpectedly one evening last week. Its been a while since we got together and after a nice gossip session she suggested we go out for dinner. I am not the one to say no, so we called our respective husbands and asked them to be there. It was settled that we would go to Chung Wah Opus. Its been quite a while since we went there. The management of Rajaram and Raghu Kamath are a friendly duo and people still talk of the great birthday party we had for Anoushka at the then Kamath Ahar below Chung Wah Opus.

We got there all bundled up. Chung Wah Opus is semi-open to the elements and its can get a bit chilly. Have always loved the wooden decor and the courteous staff. We were seated at the same place we always sat. This meal, I knew was going to be interesting because one side of the table with our friends, would be entirely vegetarian without even a hint of eggs. And the other side - us - was going to be a carnivorous side.

Lime soda

We decided to go all the way and ordered soups and starters in veg and non-veg. Soups were Tom Yum chicken soup and sweet corn soup. Starters were vegetarian spring rolls and chicken on crispy spinach. The soups were both nice but I felt the Tom Yum could have done with some more lemony zing something on the lines of the delicious one at Noble House.

Tom Yum Chicken Soup

Sweet Corn Soup

As for the starters - the vegetarian rolls were amply stuffed with vegetables with a nice crisp and hot exterior. The sweet and sour garlic sauce served with it, is a recipe I am hunting for. We have had the chicken on crispy spinach before and have always liked it. The spiciness of the chicken is offset by the slight sweetness of the crisp spinach. Am even happier since I got Anoushka to eat all the spinach calling it "green chips".

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Chicken on crispy spinach

Main courses for the vegetarians was a choice of noodles - am not sure of the name but would go with the vegetarian mixed fried noodles and vegetable balls in hot garlic sauce. We went in for the double cooked lamb and Chung Wah Fried Rice in Veg. All of the dishes without doubt were good. Quantities are good value for money and we did end up with pretty decent sized doggy bags for our imaginary pet back home.

Double Cooked Lamb

Vegetable Balls in Hot Garlic Sauce

Mixed Vegetable Noodles?!

Chung Wah Fried Rice

Desserts we were told could also be brought from the Java City downstairs which is also part of the same management. We ordered the walnut cake and the darsan with ice-cream. The walnut cake was so-so. And for some strange reason the darsan had lime juice squeezed on it which did not really make it appetizing enough to go with the ice-cream. Those eating it left it largely untouched.

Darsan with ice-cream

Walnut cake

Service at this place is nice and they also have party halls at which you can hold decent sized dos. The ladies loo is clean whereas the guys will need some work done on theirs. Home delivery is also available from this place. But if they are really looking at competition I think they should sample the fare at Noble House as part of their recce. The bill I am not sure of since our vegetarian friends decided that the treat was on them. But I would safely put it at Rs 750 for two.

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Address: #63, 18th Cross, 3rd Block, Above Java City, Jayanagar, Bangalore - 11
Phone: 32488588, 32488688
Cuisine: Chinese/Thai
Wallet factor: Rs 750 for two
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Nothing exclusive but you should not have any real trouble

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