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Wednesday, December 02, 2009Me! In words

We just can't seem to escape it. Almost everywhere we go, we have the word buffet thrown at us. Honestly am quite fed up of everyone having a buffet. What happened to good old a la carte menus where the chef can show off and only the customer can be held responsible for what he had ordered. Anyways, in continuation with staying away from Koramangala for a while (which will be broken this coming Sunday), we headed to Sue's Palace in Indiranagar. This is the only Carribbean restaurant in Bangalore and even boasts of Sir Viv Richards eating here.

I was really happy that the place was equally keen on serving us a la carte as much as the buffet. However, after seeing the spread, we decided that buffet it was. First impression was that it wasn't really the run-of-the-mill buffets but one that actually did have Carribbean stuff on it. So here goes a picto-review of what we ate.

Pina Colada on top and Ginger beer below. The Ginger Beer packed a sizable punch and was nice. The Pina Colada was creamy, very pineapple which was nice and sweet. Overall yummy.

Tomato soup with elbow pasta and a choice of breads. The soup was really nice with a wonderful flavoring of thick tomato. It did not have the tanginess that is normally associated with tomato soups. It was more full bodied and well spiced.

The array of salads on offer was really impressive. What you see on the plate starting from the crispy veggie cutlets (very nice) and moving right, a mixed veggie salad with mayo, yellow and green peppers. Next is a chicken salad - the chicken has been sliced and fried to the crisp and tossed in a vinegar dressing with shreds of cabbage and carrots. A macaroni salad with mayo dressing and a mashed potato-boiled egg in a creamy dressing follows. All the salads were nice and were really fresh and make for lovely munchables on a long lunch date.

Some more of the salads which included a corn, peas and peppers salad, another that had diced carrots, peas and potatoes in a mayo dressing, the square you see is made from a simple batter that we in the south are more familiar with as goli bajje. We fry them round, they fry them square. There were simple salads such as a sprouts one and the regular vegetarian restaurant style green salad.

Main courses beginning with the spinach and potatoes in white sauce to the middle left. It was really nice, creamy and layered really well. A few from the bread selection. Chicken fritters with peanut sauce, a combination that sounds regular but tastes totally unique and nice. Banana fritters which are pretty much the way we make them but with a smaller amount of batter coating it.

Pigeon pea rice is the only addition here that has not been mentioned earlier. And though versions of pulses are not really my thing, I found this really nice.

Views of the buffet counter. There was a lot more than we could handle. Besides what you saw on our plates, there was also Geera Chicken, a vegetarian gravy, a fish gravy. To cater to those walk-ins who actually venture out to eat rice and dal fare, there was that as well.

The dessert counter above and a close up of the desserts below. The Ribbon cake and the chocolate cake were soft and had just the right amount of sweetness. A Custard flan and a regular fruit salad completed the spread.

The staff are attentive and service good. The one unisex loo is clean. The buffet comes at around Rs 300 a head. Totally worth the money. Another place Orange Peel can take a leaf from (yes! I totally have it against the place and its so called buffet). Susan, the owner, does hang around in the background, constantly checking on the food. A pleasant lady :).

Address: #4, Subadar Garden, Sri Krishna Temple Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore - 38
Phone: 25252494
Cuisine: Carribbean
Wallet factor: Rs 300 per head for buffet. A la carte Rs 750 a head. No alcohol here
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Nothing exclusive and can be a little tough especially on weekends

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