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Grill House

Monday, January 18, 2010Me! In words

Out of the comfort zone of Koramangala and places like MG, Brigade and Residency Road, we headed to the relatively new Grill House on Ulsoor Road. Set right in front of a bus stop, the place has a nice wood and glass facade and a complete wall of glass that overlooks the bustling road. Thankfully the din of the streets is cut off as soon as you are inside the air-conditioned confines of the restaurant.

There is a first floor to the restaurant and the whole place is done up in wood, with a very Mexican salon look to it. Some of the wait staff also had on a sombrero, even though they looked mighty odd in them. A customer or two were allowed to take the decorative sombreros off the wall and wear them for the duration of their meal. It took a little while for us to get the attention of the staff for water and menus, but after that the service was pretty smooth.

For starters we had Chicken Tenders which the menu described as tender chicken supreme, lightly breaded and quick fried. Put simply chicken version of fish fingers which was not different from the Poulet Goujons what we had at French Quarter Bistro. This dish was more for Anoushka's benefit and it served the purpose. The dip that came with it was tangy and added the much needed moisture to this dish.

Complimentary bread basket and dip

Chicken Tenders

Sudhakar also wanted to have the Buffalo Wings, which were fried wings that were tossed in a Grill House signature sauce. You had the choice of opting for the sauce being mild, medium or spicy. We opted for medium and the dish was an absolute delight. Hot, juicy bits of spicy chicken in a sauce that hinted of Tabasco, chilli flakes and tomato. We also ordered cheese garlic bread for junior, but looks like she has outgrown this favorite and so we had it packed for home.

Buffalo Wings

Cheese Garlic Bread

For the main courses - Sudhakar opted for a lamb burger with cheese. While the menu described it as lamb mince that has been marinated and grilled, they forgot to mention the patty part. It was served as a patty. The burger was decent sized and tasted really good. A satisfying meal for when you are not-so-hungry-but-still-want-to-eat.

Lamb burger with cheese

I had the Grill House special which was a beef fillet steak with a Tabasco butter sauce, served with mashed potatoes and veggies. You have a choice of how you want your meat and whether you want it as a sizzler or on a plate. I, of course, opted for the sizzler and the meat well done. The menu omits the fact that the dish also comes with buttered rice. The portions were decent and just right for one person. The fillet was on the thicker and juicier side and was really well done, just as I had asked for.

Grill House Special Fillet Steak

Halfway through the steak, I ran short of the Tabasco butter sauce and very quietly whispered to Sudhakar that I wish they had served more of it. A minute later, the guy who took our order leaned over my shoulder and asked if I would like more sauce. I was delighted and I got a tureen full of it. I was really happy because I love to drown whatever I am eating in sauces or gravies that go with it.

Drowning of the steak

Dessert, the menu says, we have to ask the staff for the day's specials. We opted for the Passion Fruit Cheesecake and it was yumm right down to the scrumptious last bite. I personally though would have preferred it if the butter and biscuit based was a bit less crumbly. Also I didn't much like the chocolate streaks, but Sudhakar enjoyed it. Overall, the taste was great.

Passion Fruit Cheesecake

A lot of reviews I read of this place faulted the staff. I did not find them lethargic in any way but rather found them confused. Bus boys were taking orders, order guys (is there a better word for them?) were bussing tables and the chef from the kitchen kept coming out with a prepared dish. The place can get crowded but the food is worth coming for. With two Bacardi Breezers, the bill hit a comfortable Rs 1200. The loos are clean and on the first floor, so you might want to sit there if you have kids who love the loo as much as my daughter does.

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Address: Kensington Point, #8/6, Ulsoor Road, Bangalore - 08
Phone: 40977011/22
Cuisine: Steaks and Sizzlers
Cards Accepted: Yes
Wallet factor: Rs 1200 for two
Parking: Exclusive but very limited

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