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Tuesday, February 09, 2010Me! In words

Fancy that!! Sudhakar was passing by Sapphire, the toy store (besides Lifestyle and close to Garuda) and happened to see a series of new restaurants in a building. He came home that day and said that we must try them out. And so we headed there this past weekend. The place houses three outlets - Calypso, a Euro-American Place, Drum Sticks - and Indian Barbeque and Tango - A jazz retro bar. Doctor Thomas Chandy, better known as Doc Chandy owns the place. The staff told us that the place has not officially been inaugurated and that's the reason no one has heard about it yet.

We decided that we would head to the Euro-American restaurant. Decor is upmarket since fine dining is what is being touted at this Bangalore restaurant. There were multiple wine glasses, forks and knives per person at each table setting. The only thing was the forks were the same size and not different based on courses. Same went with all other cutlery and so it kind of defeated the purpose.

Mona Lisa!!

Anyways we opted for a window seat and sat right below a picture of Mona Lisa smoking a joint! Nice! The menu is a very limited one and had quite a smattering of Italian than Euro-American. We started off with the Caribe chicken which was described as baby breast of chicken steeped in caribe spices with roasted garlic and onion and a trilogy of peppers. Loved the presentation and the bite sized meat pieces were really well spiced and went really well with the carrot-pepper puree at the side. Junior had a plate of french fries.

Caribe Chicken

Junior's french fries

Main course for Sudhakar was the Pollo Cajun which was Cajun seared chicken on garlic mash with stir fry broccoli raisin jus. Again generous proportions. The picture hides the mash which was quite nice and garlicky and healthy in quantity.

Pollo Cajun

Garlic cheese bread (the butter was kinda out-of-place)

I had the Calypso Carbonara which I asked for in spaghetti rather than penne. For some reason I feel that sauces mix well only with spaghetti than with any other form of pasta. Anyways this carbonara was described as being injected with vodka and salt water prawns. Didn't really feel the vodka barring which the pasta was great and the number of prawns were substantial as well. Junior too liked what I had and I ended up sharing most of it with her.

Calypso Carbonara

We opted out of dessert simply because there was only Tiramisu and another, the name of which I forget. Didn't really sound enticing. A couple of things. The wait staff is still getting the hang of the menu at this 15-day old place. But they are courteous and take the trouble of getting the chef out for the smallest possible request. They had a gentleman singing that night with a bass guitar and pre-set keyboard - maybe a song list that is a bit more contemporary than "golden hits of Bryan Adams" would do nice. The sous chef did come out for an interaction and this was real nice. The only little grouse I had was the meat based dishes were not piping hot. But am sure this is a fixable thing.

I would definitely like to visit Drum Sticks and the Jazz Lounge. The bill at Calypso if you were to include a drink a head as well as dessert could hit Rs 1500. The loos are clean but a little difficult to squeeze into.

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Address: #44, Richmond Road, Bangalore 25
Phone: 25545555
Cuisine: Euro-American
Cards Accepted: Yes
Wallet factor: Rs 1500 for two
Parking: Parking lot... but a really really small one

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