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East Winds

Monday, February 01, 2010Me! In words

Sushi in JP Nagar!!! Now who would believe. I certainly did not when I read a mail which came from one of the many "what-to-do-this-weekend" sites. It claimed that a roof-top restaurant called East Winds that was part of the S Hotel Group was having a food festival. This festival was to be a showcase of Thai, Japanese and European specialties. Three vast cuisines and three hard to master cuisines. And when I read that sushi was on the menu, I just couldn't stay away. I just had to check it out.

And so with all the skepticism that is to be had, we headed out to S Hotel. No! I have no clue what S in S Hotel stands for. The hotel is placed smack in the middle of a densely populated residential area of JP Nagar. Seemed pretty much deserted on the outside. The insides are pleasant and it does have a touch of class to it. East Winds is on the rooftop and so we had to get to the 5th floor and trudge up a flight of stairs. A nice open wide space of al fresco seating done in white. We were led to a table in the corner as this was where, we were assured it would be pleasant.

The no-where-close-to-real kimchi and pickled veggies

A scan of the menu and it had neatly segregated sections of appetizers and main courses in Japanese, Thai and European selections. A plate of prawn sushi for Rs 300.... hmmm the skepticism increased. I asked if they could arrange for an assorted platter and after a quick talk with the chef, we were told that we could have a mixed platter that would have two each of prawn, avocado and egg sushi - the most basic of the lot. When the sushi finally came, I saw why it cost only Rs 300. The portions were a little smaller than bite size, visibly looked like the real deal and was served with wasabi, soy sauce and slivers of pickled gingers.

Mixed sushi platter

As soon as we popped the first one into our mouths, the first thought was that the wasabi was the real deal. I overdid it as usual and felt the customary sledgehammer at the back of head, when it kicked in. While one of the prawn sushi came with the tail, the other did not. In both the nori (sea weed) was fine, but the rice lacked the vinegar. In the prawn and the avocado sushi, the sticky rice was just too cold. Anyways... when you are really desperate for a sushi fix, this could help satiate that temporarily. There is of course nothing to beat a Harima or Soo Ra Sang

As another starter we ordered the English Channel which was fried fish fillet with tartare sauce and french fries. The fish was fresh and not the frozen variety. In this case I think we were served a seer fish. Haddock is also an option. The sauce was average.

The English Channel

Main courses - Sudhakar opted for the Mixed Grill Sizzler which had sausage, salami, chicken and ham with some herbed rice. It sizzled good enough and tasted fair.

Mixed Grill Sizzler

I asked for the Poulet de porcini champignion - this was grilled chicken seasoned with rosemary and thyme with mushroom sauce with spring vegetables, mashed potatoes and olives. This was what the menu said. What came was two generous chicken fillets, that were stuffed with button mushrooms. The sauce on top was a mushroom sauce and they were a little too liberal with the thyme, which did not make every mouthful that appetizing. There were no porcini mushrooms around. There were no mashed potatoes and olives, instead what I got was herbed rice. Didn't argue because Anoushka was giving us a hard time and I was otherwise occupied.

Poulet de porcini champignion

For Junior we ordered the Mexican Chicken rice which was nice without being spectacular. I somehow missed taking a photo of that. She also got a plate of french fries. It ended up as a parcel for home. To drink Sudhakar opted for Jamaican Passion Breezers and I had a mocktail since I was just recovering from a bout of vertigo. It was a mix of orange, apple and kiwi and tasted pleasant enough.

My Kiwi based mocktail

French Fries

The staff are courteous. The loos still have some finishing touches to be added in terms of flooring but are otherwise clean. The menu needs some research rather than spell check. Sample this
- tarter = tartare sauce
- Payala = Paella
- non-vegetables = non-vegetarian options

They make for a good laugh but don't look good for the restaurant. The bill was a steep Rs 2000. The meal was satisfying but no where close to being the real deal.

Address: No 60, 13th Cross, 2nd Main, 3rd Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore - 78
Phone: 42456060
Cuisine: European, Thai, Japanese
Wallet factor: Rs 2000 for two
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Valet

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