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Wednesday, February 24, 2010Me! In words

Flambe recently opened in Koramangala. What's with that place? Soon there will be more restaurants than homes in Koramangala!! Anyways have been watching the opening soon banner for a while and when it finally did open, I lost track... why? because we had decided to stay off Koramangala for a while and explore other places. I mean, there are more to Bangalore restaurants than just Koramangala's offerings!

Flambe occupies two floors of a building and has an enclosed family restaurant as well as an open air lounge upstairs which can get pretty noisy. We opted of course for the family area and found it surprisingly empty for 8.30 on a saturday night. What's more it remained that way till we left. This was a multi-cuisine restaurant that claimed a specialty in flambe. Multi-cuisine it was and the selection of sizzler and flambe was surprisingly limited to a page and half both combined.

Complimentary starter - tortilas with salsa

For starters we ordered Buffalo Wings, more with the hope that junior would eat it. The menu described it as Paprika marinated shallow fried chicken with sour cream. Didn't quite get the zing of paprika when we ate it and the sour cream was more mayo sauce with a tangy flavor, but overall simple, hot, nice and no! junior did not touch a bite.

Buffalo wings - on the serving dish and on the plate below

I asked for the Pollet Saute Chasseur. This was a flambe and was described as pan grilled chicken breast with chasseur sauce. The flambe interestingly is made at your table. A mobile kitchenette is brought over and the staff are more than enthusiastic in their request of you watching how your flambe is made. Taste wise.. it was nice.. nothing more, nothing less.

Pollet Saute Chasseur

Sudhakar opted for a sizzler grilled chicken with borderlaise sauce. Again the platter was loaded with meat, vegetables, et al... nice without being spectacular.

Grilled chicken with borderlaise sauce

Our friend was with us and opted for a spaghetti. After a lot of debate she settled on the Spaghetti al pollo which was supposed to be chicken in brown and cream sauce. While the portion was generous, the sauce was pretty bland and the chicken dry, making the dish difficult to eat with ease.

Spaghetti al pollo

For Anoushka we ordered the Vegetable Pulao, which all of us agreed was the best dish. It was made in clarified butter, was loaded with tender vegetables and could be had as is. The three of us kept sneaking spoonfuls from the serving dish.

Vegetable Pulao

Here is where I tell you a small incident that took place. The loos for both floors is at the indoor restaurant. After the initial foyer, there is one loo for the men and one for the women. Since it was Sudhakar's turn to take junior in, he went in the men's with her. No sooner had he got in, then a customer from upstairs came and began to knock on the door incessantly. A member of the staff joined in the knocking and this really got Sudhakar's goat and he gave them both a good dressing down. I mean, aren't children supposed to go to the loo? This happened half way through the meal and kinda spoiled the whole thing for us. So we just packed up the remaining and headed home.

This was perhaps a one of incident. The staff otherwise were pretty attentive and the loos clean. With two breezers thrown in this meal came to around Rs 1200. Decent for 3 and half people.

The Sify Food Site features this review

Address: #93, 2nd and 3rd floors, 5th cross, 6th Block, Koramangala,
Phone: 41606888
Cuisine: Multicuisine, flambe
Cards Accepted: Yes
Wallet factor: Rs 800 for two
Parking: Street

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