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Soo Ra Sang

Thursday, February 18, 2010Me! In words

Its been around a year since our last visit to Soo Ra Sang. Its a bit far for us considering that it is on Wind Tunnel road. I know Hae Kum Gang is closer to us if the itch for Korean food hits. We haven't tried it yet, but the soft corner for Yung and her Korean outlet Soo Ra Sang persists. And so we headed there one afternoon. Was glad we did it in the afternoon, since the lighting would be better in the semi open air place and my photos would look all the more drool-worthy.

We had reserved ourselves a King's Table that comes with an inbuilt barbeque. Weren't really sure we would be ordering barbeque but nevertheless. After we were done with our preliminary HIs and Hellos and Oh-why-haven't-you-come-in-so-longs, we settled down and immediately shot off our order - Kim Bob, Je Yuk Bokkum, Woo sol and Seng Sun Cho Bob. Now Kim Bob and Seng Sun Cho Bob was to satiate the never-ending sushi itch. But unfortunately salmon is not really available now and so Seng Sun was out.

Water with cornstarch

We were first served the Korean style water which comes with a dash of cornstarch. And then came the accompaniments. The pancake with the soya chilli sauce. I love this for its simplicity and the vegetables that I manage to get down Anoushka's throat without complaint. They even give her a pair of baby chopsticks which she learnt to use this time. Of course, I didn't have the heart to tell her that you need to hold both in one hand and not one in each.

Veggie pancake with soy and chilli sauce

Next all the accompaniments to the meal were set down. A huge plate of kimchi (pickled cabbage), a macaroni salad, zucchini and sprouts, one each of steamed beans, zucchini, sprouts, and a bean I am not sure which. There was also pickled radish, spiced baby potatoes, blanched spinach and fried aubergine. All of which are yummy and all of which you can ask for any number of times.

Accompaniments top and below

I had the Je Yuk Bokkum which was a chilli pork fry in a spicy gravy with sticky rice. Almost always I have had this as main course here. I love the tangy spiciness of the gravy and the huge number of pork slivers that have been cooked deeply in spices. Drop in a bite of kimchi with each mouthful of pork, rice and gravy and I catch a glimpse of Korean food heaven. Sorry, gobbled it up before I took a photo. But there is one in my previous review.

Sudhakar, the ever adventurous decided to have Woo Sol which was a beef tongue barbeque. Only if you order two plates of that will they allow you to barbeque at your table. Since we wanted one, the fired the tongue in the kitchen. This came with round slices of fried potato and lettuce leaves. Yung told us that the correct way to have it was to open out a lettuce leaf. Line it with kimchi, put on some slices of beef and potato, sprinkle some of the fish sauce with sugar that comes, roll up the roll and bite away. Delicious, though a bit rubbery if you are adventurous enough.

Woo Sol

Fish sauce and sugar accompaniment to Woo Sol

And of course the Kim Bob, which I never wanted to end. This sushi is neatly sliced so that you don't have trouble dipping it in wasabi and soy sauce. The nori is rolled neatly around the sticky vinegar rice and as you can see the filling of zucchini and fish are neatly pressed in. I wish I could eat only that here. Come to think of it, nobody has ever stopped me.

Kim Bob

This time round Yung asked us to try the Korean beer Cass. Nice and light. There is no dessert here as such. But the meal is always rounded up with glass bowls of cold cinnamon tea. For me an acquired taste, for Sudhakar, a taste long acquired.

Korean Beer (That's Cass, the C is kind of hidden)

Cold cinnamon tea

The service here is very homely. The food great and the place a wonderful one to lounge about. If you are going in the afternoons, make sure you are there by 1.30 as Yung takes her last order at 2. The restaurant is on the rooftop and gives you ringside seats to the old airport runway. A lot of military training is what you get to see now. There is one loo that is clean. The prices are steep and a meal like this will cost you around Rs 1200 to Rs 1400.

Thank you for your patronage

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Address: Wind Tunnel Road, Off Old Airport Road
Phone: 41303435
Cuisine: Korean
Cards Accepted: Yes
Wallet Factor: Rs 1200 for two including two beers
Parking: Exclusive but small

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