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Thursday, February 04, 2010Me! In words

Must hand it to the owners of Southies - they have opened shop bang opposite the mighty Maiyas, offering the same kind of basic fare. What they have going for them is that they are much more homely (the restaurant is an old-world home that has been converted) and their prices are friendlier. We happened to see this place by chance on the day we visited the Veekes and Thomas cart. Did try going there soon after but discovered that they are open between 7.45 am and 12.30 pm and then again between 4.30 pm to 9.30 pm.

Pleasant interiors

What Southies has is traditional 'thindi' (south indian snacks) on its menu. There is a small al fresco seating area. You can enter the house and see that the walls have been painted a red oxide with warli paintings on the wall. All the rooms have been converted to seating areas and the day's menu is up on a black board on the wall.

'Gunpowder' and ghee on all tables

Sudhakar had skipped launch thanks to his band's recording that day and was ravenous. So he began with a Madurai Masala Dosa. This came piping hot, with two chutneys - coconut and tomato. The size was just right for one person and the stuffing covered the entire insides of the dosa. Now this is something that you don't normally get to see. Chutneys and fillings are the ones that most such restaurants remain stingy about. Hopefully this place maintains is generous portions. The fillings was a tasty mix of potato and bits of carrot with shavings of freshly grated coconut on it.

Madurai Masala Dosa

I ordered a tomato uttappa and this too came nice and hot. The tomatoes were placed in rather a corny manner (a perfect circle). I personally would have preferred if the tomatoes had been chopped and mixed in the batter.

Tomato uttappa

Onion uttappa

Sudhakar and me then shared an onion uttappa. Once again, the shredded onions were generous in their presence and the taste was nice. For junior we ordered a plate of idlis. Two to a plate with both the chutneys and sambhar. The idlis were smaller than standard restaurant sizes but were fluffy and nice. Proof that they were not the leftovers of morning. A nice hot coffee for Sudhakar to wash it all down. He said that the coffee was good.

Small fluffy idlis
A nice cup of coffee to wash it all down

Couple of things about the place. The waiters are complete locals and so don't go trying to talk in English out here. The table has sugar, gunpowder (chutney powder) and melted ghee in bowls. Chutneys and sambhar are unlimited. If you happen to order an additional dosa, it is brought straight off the pan and placed on your plate, you will not get a fresh plate. Didn't much mind though. When we say south indian, the preparation is typically Kannadiga. While the taste was nice, there is something unexplainable and wonderful about the chutneys and sambhars of Tamil Nadu. Prices are reasonable and all this came to Rs 98. The loo is clean and there are two places to wash your hands.

The menu also had a lot of other stuff like pongal, vada, jamun, badam milk, paratha and kurma. Will definitely go there sometime soon to check all that out.

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Address: Sri Sri Sai Foods, #26/17, 7th Main, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore 81
Phone: Will get it on my next visit
Cuisine: South Indian breakfast items
Cards Accepted: No
Wallet factor: Rs 100 for two
Parking: Street and may the divine intervene for you on weekends.

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