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Crepe Connection

Monday, March 29, 2010Me! In words

Of all the malls that I have visited in Bangalore I like the Oasis Mall on Koramangala Intermediate Ring Road the best. Not because of all the shopping it offers but for the play centre it has adjoining its food court. Funcity works on the lines of Amoeba but draws a much more pleasant crowd and has all its games in working condition. Its a place Anoushka really loves. The range of restaurants at the mall too are not run of the mill. You have Mezzeh, Tandoor, Fire Wok (where you pile your bowl with all the ingredients for a stir fry in sauce of your choice), a Rajasthani joint and a few more.

What I like about this Food Court that it is decently spaced and even on a weekend you will definitely get a seat within 15 minutes of waiting. This is more than I can say for any other mall. Also, a lot of the outlets here seem to opt for live cooking - The Rajasthani place makes jalebis and bhaturas in front of you, Fire Wok stir fries your meal for you and Crepe Connection makes all its savory and sweet crepes right in front of you.

Crepe Connection has a pleasant looking kiosk with a blackboard like menu card. The range in veg and non-veg options are minimal, but they all sound interesting. New additions are constantly made to this menu.

The first time round Sudhakar decided to have the French Riviera. This was shredded chicken in a white sauce with a dash of fresh basil. All of the crepes are served in a checkered square style. Each of the squares are bite sized. The portions are good for one and each plate comes with a tangy salsa on the side. The French Riviera was good with each mouthful becoming a creamy mush in the mouth. The sauce is on the heavier side and it can fill you up soon.

French Riviera

I had the Italian Summer which was chicken in a tangy Italian sauce. It was more like a spicy pasta sauce stuffed into a crepe. Along with the salsa, the dish was a spice fest, but in a nice sort of way. It leaves a very pleasant feeling once you are done.

Italian Summer

For dessert we decided to have the crepes with a peach stuffing. The name I forgot to write down and it came shaped exactly like its savory counterparts and with a blob of thick cream in the center. It was only when we were fighting over the last bite that I realized that we had not taken a photo of it. So let me tell you that the stuffing was great considering that each mouthful gave you a generous amount of cinnamon dusted peach cubes.

On our second visit we noticed combos on offer. Sudhakar opted for the vegetarian one which had a savory crepe called Potato Man which was mashed potatoes, jalapenos and cheese. Along with this was a Go Bananas crepe which had a mashed banana stuffing with chocolate sauce drizzled on the outside.

The Potato Man is perfect for those who love potatoes. Those with a liking for the South Indian style of making the potato stuffing for dosas may find it familiar. While it did taste decent, it distinctly gave the feeling that one was eating a dosa. There was nothing to fault the Go Bananas Crepe. The stuffing was great and with the chocolate on top, mini wars could break out over them.

Potato Man

Go Bananas

I opted for the non-vegetarian combo of Chicken Pot, a mix of chicken and potato in a brown gravy. Once again, this tasted like the Indian version of kheema, in chicken. Nice, but for Crepe Connection this was more Indian than French. For dessert I was told I could swap Go Bananas for one with a stuffing of apples. This was great with the right amount of cinnamon and cream.

Chicken Pot

Apple Crepe

I was still hungry after this (I go through phases of gluttony) and so decided to have another of the specials - a Pancake Lasagna. The entire lasagna was made with layers of crepes with a spicy chicken filling. Generous amounts of cheese was melted all over it. There were two big portions and one of them found its way home.

Pancake Lasagna

Crepe Connection is an interesting attempt. While some dishes seem to be the real deal, some other dishes can have you sitting on the fence. The service is pleasant enough but you can expect to get your dishes late on a busy weekend evening. I do wish however they change presentation styles. Seeing all of your crepes, savory and sweet look the same way can be extremely boring.
The pricing is decent with each crepe roughly between Rs 70 to Rs 80. The combos range from Rs 110 to Rs 130. An additional Rs 20 will get you an orange juice as well. Loos are part of the mall set up and can with some cleaning up.

Address: Oasis Centre, Polynation Food Court, 30 Intermediate Ring Road, Koramangala, Bangalore
Phone: 9900963090
Cuisine: French
Cards Accepted: No
Wallet factor: Rs 400 for two
Parking: Mall parking

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