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Strawberry cake

Thursday, March 04, 2010Me! In words

I wanted to make a dessert... just so that I could get over the fact that Anoushka has not been well for over a week... so when she was sleeping I scavenged around the kitchen and fridge and found these:

A new product from Nilgiris that I had picked up. Strawberry jam... it was also available in peach and mango and there were whole pieces of the fruit in it.

Fresh strawberries which were leftover from a pancake expedition we had been on. And whenever they are in season, we always have some at home.

Cooker cake in strawberry. Always have stuff like this around for emergencies... and this was a sweet tooth emergency which would take my mind off the sickness in the house. So what I did was make the cake according to the instructions on the box. I used an oval shaped cake tin. Once it was cool, I removed it from the mold onto a plate. Sliced the entire cake in half. Smeared the bottom with a layer of strawberry jam. Put on the other half and covered it with sliced strawberries. Press it down a bit so that the jam soaks through and voila...

I was feeling better immediately. !! Not really innovation at its best, but then it did the job.

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