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Biryani Mane

Monday, April 26, 2010Me! In words

This review is completely in contrast to the question of the day on the FB page today. While the question is a quest for the best of vegetarian restaurants in Bangalore, this post is about a small, little-more-than-a-hole-in-the-wall biryani place. Another new entry to Jayanagar, Biryani Mane (pronounced Ma-neigh for the unfamiliar with Kannada), specializes in biryani. They have chicken, mutton, egg, veg and prawn.

It is not a sit-down joint, but rather a non-veg Shanti Sagar of sorts where there is provision to stand and have your meal. Perfect for the office-goers in the vicinity who want to grab a quick bite. The prices are reasonable with biryanis being within the Rs 100 bracket. We ordered home delivery each time and were not disappointed.

Both the chicken and the mutton biryanis are pleasantly flavored and definitely not too oily. That often seems to be the trouble with small joints and biryanis. Of course, there is no comparison with a Richies biryani, but for the money, you will definitely go back to office or to bed with a happy tummy.

The quantities are good for one person with a healthy appetite or two people with average ones. The biryanis come with the respective chicken or mutton gravy and with a curd raita. Another good thing about this dish here is that the chicken and mutton are not cooked in the same base. We ordered both biryanis at one go and it was obvious that each of the meats had been marinated in their respective spices and individually put on dum. No boiled pieces of meat thrown on ghee rice here!!

Chicken Biryani above and Mutton Biryani below

The accompanying raita

The place also offers a decent array of fish, but it is often dependent on the season and availability. Haven't been able to sample the fare yet. They also have a few other kebabs and curries on offer. We tried the Chicken Garlic Kebab on one occasion. The meat was well smoked and did have a substantial amount of garlic. Nevertheless, it didn't require a ton of chloromints to get rid off.

Chicken Garlic Kebab

What Biryani Mane has going for it is its small menu, perfect location - its almost the only non-veg home delivery place in the Yediyur Lake area (barring the military hotel close by) and the fact that its food is value for money. This place is sure to be a success.

Address: #266/8, Kanakapura Road, Jayanagar 7th Block, Bangalore - 560082
Phone: 980261039
Cuisine: Andhra/Coastal
Cards Accepted: No
Parking: Nothing exclusive, weekends could be an issue

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