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Daddy's Deli

Tuesday, April 13, 2010Me! In words

My best friend is Parsi. We grew up together, practically lived in each others house and even today, cities apart, we can pick up where we left off. Khushnuma and I loved to eat as well... I used to eat at her place and she at mine... so kind of grew up on a diet of dhanshak, Sali pe eeda, akoori and the heavenly kopra pak. Daddy's Deli had its original outlet in Richmond Town. A small, family run joint, it served the best of Parsi food to a discerning crowd. A few years ago, it shifted base Indiranagar and that's where we headed for a weekend lunch.

The restaurant is in two sections, downstairs is an all-day breakfast place with sandwiches, salads and shakes. The Parsi restaurant is upstairs. A nice little home converted to a restaurant, the place is done up well. It has touches of the Parsi culture with images of Faravahar over the entrance door. The staff is pleasant and we were handed a menu that seemed quite extensive. We were brought some crispies to go with the buttermilk and ice tea that we had ordered. Pleasant stuff when pondering over the menu... and the best way to keep your child at the table.

The entrance

Crispies, buttermilk and ice tea

For starters we decided to have the brain cutlets. Am not one for innards, but Sudhakar is and so I decided to let down the guard a bit and nibble on some. The cutlets that came were patty-like, coated with a beaten egg and masala powder mix and shallow fried. Along with the brain mash on the inside was egg, chillies, coriander leaves all pounded together. The result was something really tasty. I enjoyed it so long as the taste of the brain did not come forth. The fact that it did proved that it was a great dish, but that is where Sudhakar got to polish off the plate.

Brain cutlets when served and below a shot of the filling

For main courses, I decided on Sali nu Boti or Mutton with potato straws. This dish is also made in chicken in Parsi homes. A plate of rotis (chapatis) to go with it and I was ready to dig in. The meat was cut into really small pieces and thick gravy was a mixed of onions that had the fried to a crisp ground with garlic and tomato. I know Khushnuma's mom had a special Parsi spice mix on hand. I think some of that was in there are well. The result was a thick gravy, on the sweeter side and a little generous with the oil.

Sali nu Boti in the bowl and on the plate

The plate of really soft chapatis

Sudhakar decided to go for the Dhanshak. This was in mutton as well. What came was a mildly spiced bowl of rice, a bowl of mutton dhanshak - mutton cubes, wholesome dal and spices and a small bowl of salad on the side. The portions here are really generous and we were warned not to order another dish till we were done with what we had. Good thing we listened.

Dhanshak with the works

The food was fabulous but the quantities were not something we could finish and therefore our make-believe doggie got his share. I just had to have a dessert and settled for the lagan nu custard. Couldn't attend Khushnuma's wedding and taste it there, so might as well have it here. The custard was the set type, creamy in texture, generous in portion and the perfect ending to a very nice meal. Sudhakar had a huge mug of cinnamon coffee to wash down the meal in the end. He had bliss written all over.

Lagan nu Custard

Cinnamon coffee

Daddy's Deli is a homely kind of place. The staff is attentive and know their menu. You rarely find a place where the staff tell you not to over order. It shows that they are confident of their place and offerings. The loo is unisex and sparkly clean. Three A/Cs in the given space means that it can get a bit chilly for those who don't step out without their sweaters. The bill was in the comfortable range of Rs 1000. There is also a selection of wines on offer. I would love to visit the place again because there are so many things on offer and I want to bite into them all.

Address: 3289, 12th Main, HAL 2nd stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore
Phone: 41154372
Cuisine: Parsi
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Nothing exclusive, weekends could be an issue

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