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Ideal's Ice-cream - Mangalore

Thursday, April 22, 2010Me! In words

So what if this website is called Bangalore's Restaurants... I am sure all of you are lovers of food irrespective of the place I am talking about. And if it is ice-cream... all the more reason to relegate the location to the background. Ideal's ice-cream parlor in Mangalore created history with its wonderful creations. This link is to its page on some of its best selling ice-cream wonders. Ideal's is most famous for is its concoction called Gadbad. Layers of ice-cream in multiple flavors, fruits, jellies and syrups. There are several imitations of this available across the State but there is nothing to match the original. My cousins and I decided on small ice-cream party at Ideal's and after the several times I missed going there, this was a blast. So here goes.

Gadbad, Ideal's signature ice-cream. The bottom of the glass has a layer of vanilla ice-cream. Next comes a generous helping of fresh fruits, a layer of strawberry ice-cream, jelly a healthy portion of dried fruits like cashews, almonds, raisins. This is followed by some rose syrup, a scoop of another ice-cream and topped off with a cherry.


The Parfait, a personal favorite. A big glass, filled with ice-cream at the bottom. Lots of fruits in the middle. Two slabs of varying ice-cream placed at a slant to top the glass. And to fill in the void between the two slabs, another scoop of ice-cream, rose syrup and a cherry.


The Bee-Hive comes in a deep glass and begins with a generous drizzling of pure honey. Into this is put a layer of ice-cream, lots of dry fruits, some more honey, a scoop of ice-cream and is finished off with flavored syrup and a cherry.

Bee Hive

The Chocolate Dad - Obviously a melange of chocolate products. Chocolate ice-cream covers the base, followed by powdered biscuit, a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. All of this is drowned in chocolate syrup and topped off with a cherry.

Chocolate Dad

The Cake Sandwich is two thick layers of chocolate cake in between which is sandwiched some ice-cream. Looks and tastes yummcious.

Chocolate sandwich (below for a better look)

Dilkush - this one is more like a bigger version of a Falooda, in a bowl. Three scoops of different ice-cream are placed in a serving dish. This is surrounded by fruits, vermicelli and drowned in syrups.


Both the boys in this small party opted for the new entry on the Ideal's menu - the Tiramisu. From what I could gather, this had chocolate gateaux, cream, chocolate ice-cream and more cream to finish it off. One of the guys also decided to round off this Tiramisu with a caramel slab.


Caramel Slab

For junior I asked for plain jelly, which is normally her favorite. But playing with all her aunts and uncles seemed more important and so...

Jelly for junior

No need for me to say that these ice-creams were heavenly. I have been coming to all three outlets of Ideals (one of which is called Pabbas) since I was a little girl. Not once can I say that the flavor, quality or quantity have changed. We went to the branch on Market road. It has a first floor, all air-conditioned. The loo, highly sanitised is clean, but is quite a walk down the length of the restaurant. So the next time you are in Mangalore or passing through, make Ideal's a must-visit place.

Address: Market Road, Near Selection Centre, Hampankatta, Mangalore - 575001
Phone: 0824-2440396
Cuisine: Ice-cream
Cards Accepted: Not too sure
Parking: Nothing exclusive, weekends could be an issue

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