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Tuesday, April 20, 2010Me! In words

The question on the FB fan page today is where would you head for comfort food? When Sudhakar and I first came to Bangalore ages ago, Jayanagar somehow turned out to be home for us. In fact in all these years, we have moved home three times, all between 29th and 26th cross of 6th block. The first time we wanted to order out, we were introduced to Tandoori Nights by a friend. This is still the place we turn to when we need comfort food. The owner, whom I still know only as Hegde uncle is a pleasant man and has pet names to remember each of his customers who have the same name. For example, as a bachelor, Sudhakar lived in a room on top of an Internet center called Verve. He came to be known as Verve Sudhakar. Once we got married, and I called to order in, the receipt always comes in the name of Mrs Verve Sudhakar!!!.

Uncle's is a multi-cuisine restaurant. It has everything under the Sun in terms of Chinese and Indian food. Never once do I remember uncle saying that something we wanted on the menu, no matter how vague, was not there. Never once in all these years (and its been quite a few) has the taste of the food changed or the quickness of delivery given cause to find fault. Here is a pictorial review of just some of uncle's food. If you are ever in this part of town, give the sit-down restaurant a try. It barely has 6 tables, but you can be assured of good food and a staff that is hell bent on adding a few kgs to your weight.

The mutton biryani has been a standard order from day one. The portion is the standard one which is sufficient for two. The spice mix varies a bit depending on which cook handled it for the day. Sometimes the coriander leaves are more and sometimes the onion. But all the same, the number of pieces are healthy. Sometimes and only sometimes, it does come a bit too spicy but one call to uncle and you are sure it will not repeat for a long time to come. Oh! and the one boiled egg in it makes it cross between the Andhra version and the Muslim version of this dish.

This is the Kalmi kebab. It can be ordered in full ( 4 legs ) or half. It comes with a mint and curd chutney which adds the zing to this dish. A great accompaniment to those occasional beer and Breezer indulges on a weekend. Of course, any day of the week is also a great time.

Uncle has a great variety when it comes to naans. You have the standard, butter and plain and then those stuffed with garlic bits, like the one above. There are those stuffed with coriander, palak, aloo, kheema and so much more. Great accompaniments to some interesting side dishes.

Tandoori aloo. This is one dish that doesn't follow an orthodox marinade recipe. But the mix is unique. It has curd, chilli, coriander, and even some ground onion, ginger and garlic. Put on skewer and into a tandoor, the marinade is left half cooked and this is what gives it that special edge.

Dal Fry - no matter what we order from Uncle, two dal frys are always there. One for Sudhakar and one for me. We eat bowlfuls of these with lots of lime squeezed into it. For me especially, there is nothing more soothing than this. The dal is wholesome, hot, and with the lime juice, just a bit tangy. There have been days that we have stopped by Tandoori Nights just to pick up the dal.

Chicken manchow soup. A nice thick soup with shredded chicken, veggies and egg drops. Ask for it with a bit of pepper and you have the perfect recipe to cure a bad throat. And you get a full tummy in the bargain.

Chinese chilli potatoes. This is one dish best ordered at the restaurant. It has to be eaten hot and crisp. A Chinese coating and deep fried to a crisp along with a generous topping of spring onions. They tend to get a bit chewy when they reach home but if you like chewy stuff this is a good option.

Chicken pakodas. Now this is one unique creation. A batter of chillies, some beaten egg, spices and some coriander leaves. Boneless chicken dipped into this and then deep fried to brown goodness. An unbeatable combination of crisp and spice. This with the chilli sauce on the side - yummmmyyy!!!!

Mutton rogan josh - An oil fest, but that's where it gets all its taste. The lingering smell on your fingers will keep you happy for quite some time. And isn't that what comfort food is all about?

Murg Dildar - A sweeter chicken dish. Creamy onion, garlic, ginger and tomato based gravy. Caramalized onions in each mouthful add an interesting crunch.

The Veg Kolhapuri is another creamy red gravy. There is a dollop of cream too that comes with it, but which we had already mixed when this picture was taken. A good, wholesome dish for those days when a vegetarian meal is all you want.

Punjabi Chicken - a green masala, oil dunked gravy with boneless chicken. It is spicy and I assume that we have green chillies to thank for that. We have ordered this millions of times and it never ceases to please.

The chicken clear soup. For those days when a cold doesn't let you enjoy anything else. Hot, clear, peppery and oh-so-good when it runs down a bad throat.

A chinese chicken dish. This is what happens when you hoard a review for too long. You forget the names which you so proudly think is safely lodged in your memory. But at least the picture hopefully makes up for the loss of the name.

Tandoori Nights also goes by the name of Park Inn restaurant. Its prime business is in deliveries and take-outs. It has a small seating area on top of the kitchen. It does have a small loo and though not pristine, it is usable. When I need comfort food Tandoori nights is sure to get a call from Mrs Verve Sudhakar.

Address: 142, 4th block, 6th Main Road, Jayanagar, Bangalore - 11
Phone: 26341215
Cuisine: Chinese and Indian
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Nothing exclusive, weekends could be an issue

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