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An exclusive 2-day discount offer for all my readers

Monday, May 10, 2010Me! In words

I happened to come across Dine Club a while ago (some of you might have seen it as well). This club claimed to give its members a 50 per cent or a 2 eat for 1 offer at select restaurants. The offer seemed hard to pass up, especially since, they did have a good selection of restaurants on their roster. And so I decided to get myself a card. I opted for an annual membership of Rs 2500. The process was pretty simple - all I had to do was fill up their online form, pay by card (there are other options) and voila, little less than a week later, I was a Dine Club member.

So this is how it works - you choose any from the list of restaurants, give them a call and make a reservation. Tell them you have a Dine Club membership. Show up, order what you like and when paying your bill, you give them the card as well. Depending on the offer for that particular restaurant, you get a flat 50 per cent off OR in the 2 eat for 1 offer, the cheaper of your two dishes will be free.

I have used the card a couple of times so far. And here is how it went. Contrary to what I thought, I did not have any problems while making the reservations. Those who took it knew of Dine Club and the offers. I, for one have had a rough time with several hospitality based ventures that I have attempted to use before and this was a welcome change. The good thing about this card is that you are not limited to just two people a card. Most places allow anywhere between 4 and 8 people on one card. Office treats, corporate lunches and impressing the family just got a whole lot cheaper. And the best part is that no one needs to know about the card.

I have tried the Dine Club card at the Sidewalk Cafe at The Paul, Yoko Sizzlers as well as at Babettes so far (will write in the reviews in the coming days). Must say, receiving the bill with a flat 50 % waived off was mighty nice, especially since it also mentioned what the real bill would have been.

And so, I got in touch with guys at Dine Club. They have, very generously I must add, agreed to give all the fans/readers/followers of Bangalore's Restaurants an exclusive offer. Unlike me :( , you guys can purchase an ANNUAL membership card for Rs 1500 (A WHOLE Rs 1000 off). This offer will be valid only for 2 days (Monday, May 10th to Wednesday May 12th till 12 noon).
Go to this link to register and when you do so put in "SPL1500" where it says promotional code. And you will be a member of Dine Club for Rs 1500.

The welcome kit comes with a booklet, a welcome letter and of course the little card. It comes with your name and an exclusive membership number. The booklet contains all the restaurants you can visit, with a small note to tell you that several new ones are constantly added. The Club's website is an ideal place to go to check out what are the latest additions. In fact, when the welcome pack arrived, it had two sheets of the latest additions.

And just for those who like their links at the end. Here is a copy paste again
All you have to do is go to this link to register and when you do so put in "SPL1500" swhere it says promotional code. And you will be a member of Dine Club for Rs 1000 less than what I did.

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