The Weekend Raid Party

The First Weekend Raid- The Egg Factory

Tuesday, June 29, 2010Me! In words

Project: The Weekend Raid

Mission: Explore and conquer VFM eateries
Point of Conquest - Egg Factory
Raiders on mission - Ashwin, Santosh, Yusuf, Puneet C (PC), Puneet M (PM), Sudhakar, Ruth and Anoushka (raider- in-training)

The Egg Factory - successfully conquered

The Raiders (L to R) - Ashwin, Santosh, Yusuf, Puneet C (PC), Puneet M (PM), Ruth, Anoushka (trainees remain anonymous)

How the Egg Factory was conquered
A place that served great food for Rs 250 per head or less. This was the brief for the selection of a restaurant to be raided. From earlier recon missions at the place, several raiders voted for The Egg Factory to be raided. A lot of electronic mailing back and forth led to the 7 raiders volunteering for the mission. 

The Plan
We were all to meet at the Egg Factory for lunch at 12.30 pm on Saturday. The beginning of the weekend seemed a perfect setting to ensure the success of this conquest. Since we were all meeting for the first time, it took a few minutes longer than planned till everybody got together and familiarized themselves with the other raiders present. Once settled I realized that only one person who signed up for this first mission hadn't turned up. Lack of pre-planning on my part led to us not being able to call this potential raider telephonically. 

The conquest
Some raiders, like Santosh, Sudhakar and I were familiar with the offerings at Egg Factory and so ordered accordingly. Others decided to go with what they felt would be the best route to complete this mission. Below you will find visuals of the conquest.

Lessons for future missions
1. Carry all contact details of raiders on the mission
2. Don't forget to take photos of every item - we missed on Santosh Huevos Ranchos which was twin spiced bullseye served with tortillas on the side. Santosh though wondered whether this was the way it was meant to be served. 

The bill came to Rs 204 per head. All agreed that the place was a good conquest. Once outside, plans were afoot for the next raid. With the place settled on, negotiations are now on as to who wants to join the next raid. 

Address: Ground Floor, White House, St Mark's Road, Bangalore
Phone: 42110041
Cuisine: Everything egg based
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Nothing exclusive but not too difficult

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