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Tuesday, June 08, 2010Me! In words

Who doesn't love a good deal. And when it comes to discounts for restaurants, it was but natural for my ears to perk up. I happened to come across some time ago. This is a site that brings to Bangalore the concept of collective buying. As a purchaser, you stand to save 35% and more on each deal that they bring to you. The idea is pretty simple.

Grabbon will bring you an offer - restaurants across Bangalore are also featured among other things. The offer varies according to the deal struck with a restaurant. You could be looking at an overall discount on the bill, a buffet for half the price, an eat-all-you want for an unbeatable price and so many other variations (everything mentioned here is for the sake of explanation).

Each deal comes with a clause that it will go live once it crosses a certain number of buyers. I am yet to see a deal not go live. Once live you will be mailed a coupon which you take to the restaurant and avail of the offer. Of course, there are the few mandatory riders of "use within a particular time frame", "one coupon a table", "cannot be clubbed with other offer etc. Here is a look at some of Grabbon's recent deals for you to get an idea on the kind of deals you can expect. Here is more detailed explanation on how Grabbon works

The reason why I am telling you all of this is that you will now be able to gain access to Grabbon's restaurant deal of the day through Bangalore's Restaurants. You will see a new widget added to the site which will display the deal of the day. Each time you visit Bangalore's Restaurants, you will be see the offers that are on and purchase them for yourself. The FB page will be regularly updated with the latest offers as well. 

Today, Grabbon has got a restaurant side deal for La Casa - a 40 % discount coupon. For Rs 300 you get Rs 500 worth at any of the three La Casa branches at Jayanagar, Sarjapur and Kalyanagar. Go ahead, click on the widget and avail of the offer. 


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