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A weekend eating out group - interested?

Monday, June 14, 2010Me! In words

Dear readers of Bangalore's Restaurants,
A while ago, Ashwin Kini, a follower of Bangalore's Restaurants asked if there were any groups that met on weekends that experimented with eating out at not-so-expensive but good places. I for one, did not know of any such groups, but then thought, why not start one from right here. Bangalore's Restaurants is just touched  1100 followers and I am sure there are several of us out there who would love to experiment with good food, no matter what the place. The Weekend Raid party will...

1. Meet up on once on a weekend, at a pre-determined, commonly voted on eating joint.
2. Eat to your heart's content (the bill will be split equally by all those present)
3. Each person can give us their opinion on the food
4. A collective review will be put up on the site by your's truly along with photos of the food etc.

If you are game for something like this, here is the plan

1. All those interested in joining this group, mail your contact details* (email + phone number) to Any suggestion on a cheap eating joint would be welcome.

2. If you have friends who might be interested, then get them along as well after a two-step procedure
          a. Become a follower of the FB page or on the website directly through Google
          b and then have them send in their contact details to

3. In a short while, we (Bangalore's Restaurants) will get in touch with you and co-ordinate a meet over the weekend at one place. We meet up at an eating joint and kick start this whole affair.  So all those in favor, start mailing in your details.


* Mail us whatever you feel is the best way for us to get in touch with you - emails are best, phone numbers if sent in will definitely not be shared with anyone other than the one person getting in touch with you.

Here are some budget places the website have covered already. There are so many more waiting to be discovered.

Steamed momos with diced tomatoes and chillies at Taste of Tibet, Langford Town 

Mutton Biryani at Kohinoor on Brigade Road

Fluffy white idlies at Southies, Jayanagar

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