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West View Grill House

Friday, June 04, 2010Me! In words

In continuation to our evening at the Highland Nectar at ITC Royal Gardenia, we had dinner at West View Grill House. As you enter the West  View Grill, you are greeted by the Enoteca. This is an Italian concept of wine tasting. 86 wine labels from across the world and India are available for tasting. You can then choose what you would like to have with each course of your meal. If wine is not a forte, then the staff is more than willing to pair wines with your meal.

This is an all-woman restaurant and that had me raising a collar in pleasure. The restaurant specialty is the live grills that are a center of attraction at this restaurant. Chef Ayesha was the Master Chef of the evening and Shatakshi, Asst Manager F & B our host. We were first served an amuse bouche of pate de foie gras. We really needed a palate cleanser after Highland Nectar and this beautifully served the purpose. This and our starters and salads was paired with a chilled Chardonnay. Also placed on the table was some caramalized onion ciabatta. Really nice and something Sudhakar demolished single handedly.  

Pate de foie gras

Caramalized Onion Ciabatta

Next we headed to display tables to pick up our salads and starters. And honestly, the selection for vegetarians and meat lovers is huge. A good idea at this point is to first pick up what you would like for your main course and hand it to the chef. That way, by the time you are done with your soup and starters, your mains will be served at your table piping hot. Below is a slide show of the amazing spread. You will see the starter, salads as well as the main course spread for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. 


We started off with a chicken soup (there is a vegetarian option as well). I followed this up with Mesculen Greens as a salad, Imami Bayaldi, a Turkish aubergine salad which was stuffed with garlic and tomatoes, balsamic glazed mushrooms, a cold mushroom salad with an interesting dark glaze coating it. If you love mushrooms, pile up on this one. I also had the conchliglie and candid garlic pepperonata. A single bite, this is served on an elegant glass spoon and is a heavenly crunch of tastes in the mouth. I also had the Pokchoy and sesame chicken as well as the potato stuffed with kidney beans. Squid a la planchard was also on my plate. I love squid and was trying it for the first time in this cold version. Delish. 

Chicken Soup

A range of the starters

You must be wondering by now how we managed to eat the mains after all of this. Frankly I am wondering the same thing too. But when our respective plates were set before us, there was no way we could have resisted. Sudhakar had the Sand Lobster, Aussie chops, Indian Ocean Red Snapper and a Corn on the cob. He asked for all of it to be well done and to be served with steamed vegetables.

Sudhakar's main course

I was more partial to the fish that day and had the Halibut, Chilian Sea Bass. Also on my plate was the Spanish Chorizo. I am so glad that I accepted Chef Ayesha's suggestion. I love spicy pork and this sausage, with its grainy texture was right on the button. I also had the Chilli stuffed with paprika ricotta which was another tangy item on the plate. I asked for the pea risotto to accompany all of this.  

My main course plate

It took us a while to get through this and I really wish I could grow two bellies. The wine we were served was a South African Ganache and went brilliantly with the meal. We weren't too much on red meat and the wine served to bring the flavor of the food out really well. 

South African Ganache

With all of this down, Chef Nimrat walked up to us and said that there was no way we could leave without tasting all of their desserts. The dessert menu is changed every three months and there were around seven to be had. We did taste all of them, each one more heavenly that the other. I think I did sprout an imaginary second tummy. The West View Creme Brulee was the winner hands down. I also loved the sorbets immensely. Here is a look at all of them. 

For those of who may still have the space after all this, there is a range of cheese to choose from. You can also have some good coffee. One done, sit back, loosen the belt a notch or two, if you have not already done so and wait for all the goodness to settle in. At Rs 1500 plus taxes for a non-vegetarian meal and Rs 1200 plus taxes for the vegetarian version, it is a steal. Choose to go to West View Grill on a day when you have someone looking after the kids and really want to reconnect with the adult world. It is wonderful place for a special occasion. 

Address: #1, Residency Road, Bangalore - 560025
Phone: 22119898
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Valet
Website: ITC Royal Gardenia

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