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Jin's Hut

Monday, July 19, 2010Me! In words

Sometimes there are restaurants I can't wait to write about and Jin's Hut is one of them. And so I have skipped the line of order in terms of reviews and am writing about this place first. Roshita, Sudhakar's cousin gave us a glimpse of this Korean restaurant when we visited them at Jal Vayu Vihar sometime back. Since then I have been dying to go there. This Sunday, with nothing much to do, we took the long drive there and were the first customers at this place. 

Jin's Hut is small... it can seat only 12 at one go. But it is done neatly. Pleasant light green and yellow air conditioned interiors and an enclosed billing and kitchen area. The menu is a laminated card and lists out various types of Ramen (noodles/rice in different soups), Kimbab (Korean Sushi) in prawn, chicken, pork, cheese(!) and tuna (a recently added specialty). There was also Japanese Udon noodles available as also the all-in-one-meal of Bibimbap and range of Dimsums. I was one happy puppy.

We began with one round each of Kimbab in pork and tuna. Sometime back when I had reviewed Soo Ra Sang, I mentioned about Korean sushi. Somebody raised a query on whether there was such a thing as Korean sushi. I wasn't too sure as well and didn't get about to researching  it. Well turns out, there is is such a thing - its Kimbab. Made in very much the same manner, Kimbab is considered more of a picnic snack than a delicacy. Fillings vary with seasoned vegetables, meats etc being used. It is usually eaten without gari (pickled ginger) and soya sauce on the side. Soo Ra Sang however offers both. Jin's Hut on the other hand serves it with a soya sauce-vinegar mix along with some crushed red and green chillies in it. 

Both the pork and the tuna rolls were brought on together. The number of pieces a plate were really generous considering the price was between Rs 120 - Rs 150 for each plate. 

Pork and Tuna Kimbab

After the first bite of the pork version, it was evident that they had used processed ham as a filling. Of course it makes a difference, but not all that much considering that the proportion of meat included is always pretty small. Dipped in the sauce provided, each bite was tangy and spicy all at once. As for the tuna version, there was flaky bits of the fish well packed into the roll and it tasted just as good as the pork version. 

Pork Kimbab (above)
Tuna Kimbab (below)

For the main course, I opted for the Bibimbap. A mound of sticky rice is placed in a ball. Pickled vegetables, in this case, juliennes of carrots, onions, zucchini and mushrooms were neatly arranged around it. I chose the non-vegetarian version and shredded beef was also included. On top is a bullseye egg surrounded with a pungent sauce. On the side you get egg drop soup as well as a bowl of kimchi. Each of the vegetables has distinctly different taste to it. Altogether it is one heavy meal which many will find a challenge to finish. 

Bibimbap (above)
Egg Drop soup and kimchi (below)

Sudhakar opted for the Jin's Hut special Ramen. A steaming hot boat shaped (and almost sized) bowl was placed before him. It had the noodles and a spicy soup with shrimp and shredded bits of meat. It does remind you of the packaged ramen you tend to eat when too lazy to cook, but in a really good and wholesome way. This too is very filling and makes for quite a task to finish. 

Jin's Hut Special Ramen

We just had to have some dimsum as well and decided to parcel a pork dimsum, another round of tuna kimbab and some Black Ramen for dinner. The sad part is that they do not parcel ramen because of the soup it contains. Black Ramen was the only dry version they had. The pork dimsum was stuffed well with pork mince that was really tender. As for the Black Ramen, the name stems from the fact that it is mixed with soya sauce and has chunks of soya in it. Not really something we would like but again, something different. 

Black Ramen (above)
Pork Dimsum (below)

Jin's Hut is a really small place as the photos below will show you. The food though is great. The tables are all glass and you have chopsticks (wooden though against the customary steel that only Koreans use). The food is made after you place an order so a bit of wait is also involved. All of what we ordered including the takeaway came to Rs 1040 which I felt is a great deal compared to Korean joints closer to the main city. The only hang-up for me was the lack of a restroom. Thankfully Barista is bang opposite and we could scoot across there for junior. I want to go back for more Kimbab and their dessert called Hooduck which we just did not have tummy space for. 

The curtain leads to the kitchen and billing area (above)
One half of the seat area (below)

Address: 5th A Main, 2nd Block HBR Layout, Bangalore - 560043

Phone: 9590304335
Cuisine: Korean
Cards Accepted: No
Parking: Nothing exclusive, can get difficult on weekend.  

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