The Weekend Raid Party

Weekend Raid - 2 - Khazana

Thursday, July 08, 2010Me! In words

Project: The Weekend Raid

Mission: Explore and conquer VFM eateries
Point of Conquest - Khazana
Raiders on mission - Yusuf, Lakshana, Nikki, Mayank, Sudhakar

How Khazana was surrounded
A real hole in the wall behind Johnson Market. This place is famous for its biryani. Unless you so specify, you will be served beef biryani here. Khazana has been visited by several resource people and it became a natural target for the raiders. Raider 1, Sudhakar reached in time to check out the place. He was followed by Mayank and Lakshana. Raiders Yusuf and a friend were delayed thanks to the eternal raid obstacles of weekend work commitments and traffic. 

The Conquest
Once the raiders were well settled in their respective conquest positions, Sudhakar took the liberty of ordering the first round of attack. Below you will find visuals of the conquest that went down.

Beef Biryani

Chicken Kebabs

Phal - veal chops

As an aid to the conquest Thums Up was considered an option. While Lakshana, hesitated at first, questioning the potency of an aerated drink during a conquest, she soon agreed that it was a worthy tool. 

Raiders on Mission: L to R - Mayank, Lakshana, Yusuf, Nikki

Since the raiders Yusuf and Nikki were late on arrival, they bravely agreed to do a follow up on the first raid party. Below are pictures captured by Yusuf on how the mission went. You will also find a description of the follow up in his own words.  

Chicken Biryani


Bird's eye view of the conquest spot

Recount of the mission by Yusuf
To be honest, the conquest was just an average one. Not saying that food was bad, but the expectations were a bit high. Probably,  if we would have dropped in without hearing so much praise, we might have liked it a bit more. We ordered Chicken and Beef Biryani, Kheema, Irani roti, Kabab and soft drinks. Biryanis were okay - not bad but neither great, the rice quality was just so-so. Kheema was average too, without much spice and less oily than needed.  The Kebab was a complete letdown. No Irani roti, so he served Paratha instead :) In any case, it was a good lunch and prices were reasonable too - in fact, I might visit again if I am in nearby.  

Plans are afoot for the next raid... more details on the mission next week. 

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