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Yoko Sizzlers

Monday, July 05, 2010Me! In words

Thanks to the bundh today, the whole family is at home. Of course, its a good reason for me not to work - its a bundh and its my birthday and so I thought of catching up with my reviews. Here is one that has been pending from long time. Yoko Sizzlers is part of the Dine Club member establishments and we decided to try the card out here. You can click on the Dine Club widget on the left to get yourself a card. 

Absolutely no problem with making the reservation. Everyone was well aware of the card. When we got there, the place was surprisingly empty on weekend afternoon. After we settled down, a couple too walked in. Since there was no electricity, the ACs were non-functional. That made the place uncomfortable to sit in. But since we were determined to have sizzlers we stuck through. A standing fan was turned in our direction, but that was of little help. The couple left soon after because of the heat.

We began with Ice teas, which came to us in tall glasses. But one sip in we realized that the ice was a last minute addition and that the rest of the drink was at room temperature... Not really a nice start.

Technically Ice and Tea, but not really Ice Tea

No need for starters of any kind here and we headed straight for the sizzlers. We only ordered for French Fries for junior which took a really long time in coming... and they were very oily. The picture is an affirmation.

Very greasy fries

Sudhakar ordered the Veal steak sizzler with garlic sauce. And I asked for the Yoko Chicken marinara sizzler with white pepper sauce. Now the portions of both the sizzlers was really good. But what really put us off was the fact that both of them had such a sloppy presentation. It was more like a huge mess thrown together on an assembly line.

 Veal steak sizzler with garlic sauce (above and below)

Sure the sizzlers sizzled well and remained hot right through the meal. But we felt that were were wading through a culinary traffic pile up. And I personally felt that the sizzler plates were not too clean either.

Yoko Chicken marinara sizzler (above and below)

As far as taste is concerned, both sizzlers were not bad at all. The garlic sauce was good and the white pepper sauce packed a mean punch. Really wished the ice tea was cold at this point. On an average, a meal for two here is Rs 650-Rs 700. The Dine Club card really made this meal wallet friendly. The restroom is clean.

The Dine In Club deal here was a eat one and get the other free. And so we paid for the veal steak and got the Yoko Special free. The place is no comparison to a Kobe Sizzlers. Wouldn't put it too high on the recommendation list, but maybe we got there on a bad day.

Address: #42, Church Street, Next to KC Das, Bangalore - 560001
Phone: 41266588
Cuisine: Sizzlers
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Nothing exclusive and can get tricky

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