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Thursday, August 12, 2010Me! In words

I wish I had started this website on Bangalore's Restaurants a couple of years earlier. There are so many places I could have spoken about. There would have been several more reviews on pubs as well. After junior arrived, I can safely say that I haven't stepped into a pub since... that is till I saw this announcement for Plan B on Facebook. The food sounded great and photos looked brilliant, I just had to go there. And so one Saturday, a week after they opened to the public, we landed there, a cousin and junior in tow. 

First off, loved the interiors, the brick walls, the frames and the very interesting bar counter with the glass green and white bottles hanging around. The place was relatively empty considering we were there at around 12.30 PM. We settled ourselves on the high bar chairs and plonked Anoushka on the table for a while and then got down to the business of ordering.

A view from where we sat

We decided to go in for a Bee Sting and 2 Diesels. What are they you ask... the Bee Sting is lager with Orange Juice and the Diesel was lager with Cola. Interesting combinations. The Bee Sting gave you the fizz of beer with a pulpy after taste of orange. Made for an interesting combination for those willing to experiment with their beer. The Diesel had a lighter taste of cola, but it was definitely there and quite interesting to have. As the meal progressed, we ordered a couple of draughts as well. 

Bee Sting in Front, Diesel behind

And now for the munchies - we began with French Fries and cheese plus a regular fries for junior who was by now swinging around and behaving as though she was on high. The fries in both were great, completely non-greasy. The one with cheese had a load of it melted at the bottom. Warning: do wait a while before putting a cheese loaded fry in your mouth, its really hot and even the beers will not save your mouth from being singed. But they taste great!!

Regular Fries (above) and the version with cheese (below)

They had pork!! For a Mangalorean like me... there is nothing to beat spicy pork and beer on a Saturday or Sunday or for that matter any day of the week. And so Pork Sundal is what we called for. This was tiny pieces of diced pork meat and fat, fried to a crispiness with a spicy marinade. A squeeze of lime and you have a great nibble to munch on.   

Pork Sundal

Next came the Big Bang Firecracker Wings which were marked as super spicy. What better than super spicy to give you that pleasant high when downing some beer. Now the marinade sauce for this is spicy. It leaves the edges of your lips tingling. But for those of you who love spice, this is one dish guaranteed to make you feel good. I believe they now have a new sauce for their wings which is supposed to be a killer. 

Big Bang Firecracker Wings

Now for main courses, this is not a place where you will find your regular appam and stew or dosa and chicken curry or other such resto-bar foods. This place serves burgers and the like and that is what we had to round things off. Sudhakar asked for the Juicy Lucy - from what I gathered on a show of Man v/s Food, Juicy Lucy has a thick beef patty split in two, stuffed with cheese, fused together, fried and then thrown onto the bun. Which means, when you bite into it, a fountain of molten cheese should come through. This Juicy Lucy had all the elements except I didn't find the cheese on the inside. For your fix of juicy beef, this is one burger you should have.

Juicy Lucy

Amit, Sudhakar's cousin asked for the Pulled Pork Sandwich. This was a pork burger stuffed to the corners with pork and pleasant sauce. Not too spicy, not too bland. And very very filling. I asked for the Pigs in a Thermal Blanket... an interesting way of announcing a pork sandwich in hot dog bun. It was marked as really spicy. One bite in and I was wondering where the spice was. Then I poured the sauce that was given in a small bowl onto the sandwich and hellllooooo spice.... Yummy!!! I haven't stopped thinking about it since then and am trying to coax Sudhakar to stop by and pick one up for me.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Pigs in a Thermal Blanket

Overall, I was one happy puppy. I actually stepped into a pub with my daughter. Not to say that I can do this regularly at Plan B with Anoushka. Its just that we came early enough to beat the Saturday crowd and had a rollicking good time. The music levels are just right and you don't need to go hoarse trying to have a conversation. Service is smooth, though we were warned that it might slack a bit on a full house. But we had no such issues. The bill for three of us with around 2 beers a head and all the food was close Rs 2000. Completely worth the money. And the loos are clean. Plan B has interesting lunch combos and good offers going for key sports events. 

Address: #20, Castle Street, Ashoknagar, Bangalore - 11
Phone: 9739902745
Cuisine: American
Wallet factor: Rs 1000 for two
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Nothing exclusive and weekends can be trouble

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