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A slice of Willy Wonka's World - 'Just Bake' makes a Chocolate World

Tuesday, August 24, 2010Me! In words

The Bangalore Shopping Festival was on at Palace Grounds. We happened to catch a newspaper advertisement that spoke of a Chocolate World that Just Bake had created there. It claimed to have a 20ft chocolate cascade and a river and stuff. Now, tell me, wouldn't you have been curious. Well I was and we headed there this past Sunday. All that you see in the pictures below is completely made of chocolate. The mushrooms and pumpkins and grass and flowers and arches and bridges.... everything except the backdrop is made in chocolate. The video below are an attempt to show you the chocolate cascade and it flowing under the bridge. The display was targeted at children, though I don't really know whether children can comprehend the fact that everything was made of chocolate. Children of my age definitely had a ball. 

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