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Weekend Raid 5 - Annabrahma

Monday, August 09, 2010Me! In words

Project: The Weekend Raid - Mission 5

Mission: Explore and conquer VFM eateries
Point of Conquest - Annabrahma
Raiders on mission - Ajay, Sunny, Mike, Santosh, Mayank, Sudhakar, Anoushka (raider-in-training)

Overview of Ground Zero: Annabrahma is wedged between a Chung Wah Opus and a Java City. The cuisine belongs to the Andhra Setty community and is completely vegetarian. There are no menu cards here. You will have a partitioned steel thali placed in front of you. This will be loaded with a steady stream of goodies. You start off with a sweet, a few nibbles, the roti for the day, 2 types of vegetables, a salad and chutney. This is followed by a rice based special dish for the day, rice and sambhar, rice and rasam and buttermilk. What makes this place special is that the menu changes each and every day. 

The Conquest: A small group that gathered. On the day of the raid we were served - sweet puri as the dessert of the day, crispies, a spicy dhokla sort of square that is made of semolina and tempered with mustard. For the vegetable side dishes, there was a spinach and bean mix, a curd based salad, a veggie I can't remember and a great green tomato chutney. This was accompanied with hot rava rotis.  There was also masala papad and a nippat with shredded carrots, onions and coriander leaves served.

A first look at the thali (above)
Bisi Bele Baath (below)

The special rice dish was bisi bele baath. There came with a generous helping of mixture. The sambhar for the day was drumstick based. The dal rasam was, as peculiar to the community on the sweeter side. Mayank mentioned that almost never is a dal based rasam served in restaurant. What you normally get is the tomato extract one. This was a welcome and enlightening change. 

Sunny felt that of all the vegetarian food she has had on the raids so far, this was by far the most varied. And better still, it did not leave that heavy feeling on the stomach. 

Service is very friendly and you could ask for as much of anything as you wanted. The meal was Rs 11o a head which is pretty good considering the number of items on offer. There is only one loo for the entire establishment and that's in Chung Wah. A nice place for a nice meal. For another recon this restaurant click here

Raiders L to R - Ajay, Sunny, Mike, Sudhakar,
Anoushka (perched on a vantage point), Mayank

Address: #63, 18th Cross, 3rd Block, Above Java City, Jayanagar, Bangalore - 11
Phone: 32488588, 32488688
Cuisine: Arya Vyshya
Wallet factor: Rs 220 for two
Cards Accepted: Yes

Parking: Nothing exclusive but you should not have any real trouble

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