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Cafe Cafeette

Wednesday, September 15, 2010Me! In words

This place came recommended to us by one of Sudhakar's colleagues. We were told the burgers were really good. And so one weekend  (a really long time ago) we headed to Cafe Cafeette. Still find the name strange and no one at the restaurant seemed to know the reasoning behind it. Being the other end of the world for us, it took a while for us to reach there. Despite it being prime lunch time, we were the first ones to grace the restaurant. From the outside, it looked like a KFC rip-off with a different color scheme. 

Once inside, we were shepherded to the "family room" on the first floor. This was deserted as well but came with ceiling to floor glass windows making it look bright and spacious. We settled down and took a look at the menu - I was right on the KFC rip-off part - they had the "Zinker burger". There was also lots of broasted stuff.

The interiors of the first floor

Here is a look at what we had. To start with the Cafeette Special. This was a tri-colored drink which was pleasant enough. I asked the bearer of the drink what it was but the man was clueless and rushed downstairs to get an explanation. He returned with "three ice-creams and syrup" by means of explanation. For junior of course we had the potato smileys.

Cafeette Special

Starch Fest

Sudhakar asked for the Chicken Combo which was broasted-like chicken, which shredded cabbage and mayo in a foot-long bun. I asked for the Chicken Burger. Somehow, the Zinker Burger did not look enticing.
These combos came with french fries and coke. Honestly, nothing much to write about other than it was hot, really really dry and a task to finish off.

Chicken Combo

Chicken Burger

Not really satisfied, we ordered a round of starch in the form of broasted potatoes. Thinly cut slices of potato with a batter on top. More like a potato bajji of sorts.

Broasted Potatoes

The restaurant carried pretty much a deserted look. Don't think it will last too long. The meal came to around Rs 500. The loo is on the ground floor and clean.

Address: 12, Robertson Road, Off Mosque Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore 34
Phone: N/A
Cuisine: Fast food
Cards Accepted: Yes
Wallet factor: Rs 500 for two
Parking: Street Parking 

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