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Wednesday, September 01, 2010Me! In words

Presto is another restaurant in the complex that houses The Other Crescent and a confectionery. This place advertised an English breakfast of sausages, beans on toast, eggs and juices. So one Sunday we decided to give the place a shot. The decor, as you can see below is quite nice with seating being completely in stone and with cushions. The tables are of a glass and cane combination. There are also cushioned stools anchored on cut logs of wood. While those are comfortable, the benches are a bit narrow and can be difficult on your derrière after a while. Also for those blessed vertically, fitting your legs in can be an issue.

The decor

Anyways, on to the breakfast. They had it all individually - the baked beans on toast, bread and toast, fruits and cream, eggs - sunny side up, omelets and pancakes. I wanted to go for the package deal and looked for the non-vegetarian breakfast - it had baked beans on toast, freshly cut fruits and cream, choice of juice, eggs the way I want it, tea and.... that's it... I read it again and then realized that the non-veggie element here was the eggs. Never mind, I thought, let me order my sausages on the side. But.... they didn't have the chicken sausages mentioned on their menu (which BTW is the only meat option). Now that we were there we just decided to go on. 

A while later the first on my breakfast came - the baked beans on toast. They were lined up all pretty one on top of the other. What ended up happening was that the gravy of the beans soaked through all the slices and made for very messy eating. A few minutes later, the fresh cut fruits and the cream came. Next came the orange juice, which thankfully was freshly squeezed. Then came my bullseye. Below are shots of my breakfast.

Sudhakar ordered eggs on toast and Anoushka pancakes and honey. Can't really go wrong with bread and eggs. The pancakes must not have had baking powder in it as they had not risen and were pretty flat. More like a set dosa plate. 

Eggs on toast
Pancakes with honey

We had to ask for the tea that was part of my deal and a coffee for Sudhakar. The tea was hot water and milk with a tea bag thrown in. Just one look and I bolted without touching it. 

Service is laidback to the point of being irritating - no cutlery till you ask for it, no water till you ask for it, parts of breakfast coming in the wrong order and having to ask for elements of your meal can be painful on a Sunday morning. This "non-veggie" breakfast came at Rs 125 which is really steep for nothing. Isys, a short haul away has a buffet breakfast with 4 non-veg options for Rs 110 and everything there is worth the money. The meal here came to around Rs 500. Not worth the money and a sad waste of a good environment.

Address: #49, Opposite Balaji Medical Store, S Kariappa Road, Jayanagar, Bangalore 34
Phone: 43699999
Cuisine: Indian and Continental
Cards Accepted: yes
Wallet factor: Rs 800 for two
Parking: Street Parking - can be a real mess on weekends

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