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Cafe Fresco's

Wednesday, October 06, 2010Me! In words

We were to meet some friends, who also happen to own their own restaurant. It was decided that the meeting be held at Fresco's which is on Cunningham road. Frescoes has its entrance bang on the main road. Once you take the turn in, its as if you have been transported to a much more silent world. That is the one thing I found amazing about its ambiance. The restaurant itself is slightly elevated on a wooden base of sorts. You have wooden flooring as well as rafters. This is surrounding by plants and water bodies which have fish in them. 

The place is dimly lit and hence the tone of the photographs. We arrived first and to while away the wait, we ordered ourselves a lime soda and Sudhakar decided to have his regular caffiene fix. Junior had her usual of french fries. Nothing really to comment good or bad about these. You have to try really hard to go wrong with this. It was sweet of the staff to offer Anoushka a chocolate on a stick from their pastry section. Its sad though that our little brat is never attracted to such offerings. 

Lime soda


Chocolate on a stick

French Fries

One of the first things we noticed when we entered was this huge sign indicating that Frescoes no longer served beer or alcohol. They had yet to renew their license. That perhaps was the reason for the restaurant being partly empty. Anyways... our friends arrived and before we got down to talking shop, we decided to order. 

Sudhakar opted for the Chicken Caesar Salad. Now this dish had all of the right ingredients - the lettuce, croutons, chicken, olive oil, vinegar and mustard. But how good the dish is also depends on how the salad is tossed together. And this was not done really well. While I wouldn't really say it was bad, its not something you might remember as well. 

Chicken Caesar Salad

I decided to go for the Chicken Risotto despite being warned by our friends that its not really so good here. But I just had to try for myself. Well, that should teach me to listen to good advice. It was arborio rice alright and it was cooked in stock. But it just wasn't cooked enough. The center of each grain was undercooked and its gave it that raw crunchiness which is just not nice in a risotto. The creaminess too was overwhelming and in a while you just plain get bored of the dish. Not one to be recommended.  

Chicken Risotto

Our friends decided to share a Roasted Chicken salad in Chilli Mayo sauce and a Macaroni Pasta in Arabiatta Sauce. Both of these dishes again did not meet their approval. The chicken in the salad for pan fried and not roasted. Taste and texture was what gave it away. It makes you wonder if you are having leftovers fried and served to you. The Macaroni Pasta was average. 

Roasted Chicken salad in Chilli Mayo sauce

Macaroni Pasta in Arabiatta Sauce

Not to be daunted, they again decided to split a creamy cheese spaghetti in chicken. This turned out to be the better dish of the evening, though one wouldn't give it an above average ranking. The chicken tasted better than what was put in the salad and the cream was done decently. 

Creamy Cheese Spaghetti in Chicken

We really did not feel like desserts after all this. I believe Frescoes used to be a wonderful joint earlier in the day. It has everything going for it... Location, ambiance, ample parking space... and when alcohol was served... that too... though there may be a decline in numbers thanks to lack of alcohol, that shouldn't be a reason for lower quality of food. 

Service is decent. Am not really sure what the final bill was as we were treated to this meal by our friends. Judging from the menu, I would put it in around Rs 1300 approximately. As for the loo, you may want to take company along as it is really far from the main section of the restaurant. We went to the restaurant on a rainy evening... and so it was a lonely cobble stone stretch with light in the far distance and a cricket orchestra in the background. The loos themselves are really clean though.

Address: 32, Hatworks Boulevard, Cunningham Road, Bangalore -  34
Phone: 41327555
Cuisine: Continental
Cards Accepted: Yes
Wallet factor: Rs 1000 for two
Parking: large parking lot 

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